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Is Snake trying to avoid us? Recently a "playable" version of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater for the Nintendo 3DS showed up at E3. However, reports from have said that it was not up to par with what a Kojima game should be. This is most likely the reason behind Konami's recent announcement of pushing the remake back until 2012. Unfortunately, there is no specific date for release yet.

One can take this in the positive light though. Konami did not say anything else about the port. It will definitely allow for more development time to perfect the port and perhaps some more extras for the fans! Granted it there still needs to be more 3DS system sales, so Konami could be using this as a more time for the system to sell before they release the game. That and hopefully Starfox 3DS will hold us over until we have more information.

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3DS Port Delayed: (

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I'll be honest here; though I enjoyed a few of the titles, I never really was a Mega Man fan. In fact, some of my fondest memories with the character include the strangely educational anime that was released back in the early 90's or so. Mega Man helped me learn all sorts of things about Tokyo, and that he only eats pellets. Strange digestive system, that is.

Anyway, it is my sad duty to relay that Mega Man Legends 3 is officially dead. Capcom made the announcement late last night on the Capcom-Unity site, breaking more than a few Glitchy Tasty hearts in the process. Joking aside, I was looking forward to checking it out at the very least, and I'm pretty bummed that the 3DS now has even less to look forward to.

This marks the second Mega Man title to get the axe in the last year (Megaman Universe being the first one), and even Marvel Versus Capcom 3 did away with the blue bomber when it came down to roster selection. What the hell is happening with Mega Man?

A message from Capcom (Capcom-Unity)

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If there's one thing to be said of Konami, it's that it is home to some of the most creative, enthusiastic people in Japan. Tak Fujii, the producer of the Ninety-Nine Nights series, was on hand to... hug me. He said he would do it on Twitter, and is definitely a man of his word.


In addition to this, he also talked up his latest projects, like the 30th anniversary Frogger 3DS game and No More Heroes PS3. I got to try out Frogger 3DS and I have to say, Frogger is fun as hell. Explosions, car pile-ups, and about 60 levels of chaos. Check out the footage above!

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At Nintendo's press conference, Nintendo revealed a release date from Starfox 64 3D. The game seems to be going for a September release. Along with the release date, they revealed a little bit about the multiplayer. The 4 player deathmatch that was original with Starfox 64 is back, but this time your face will be in the game! While you fly around and try to kill each other, the 3DS camera will be tracking your face as you get shot down or are the one doing the murdering. It's a pretty funny feature. Be sure to check throughout the summer to hear more about this title.

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At Nintendo's press conference, Luigi's Mansion 2 was revealed for the Nintendo 3DS. Reggie told everyone that this game was in no way just a port of the Gamecube version. This time, Luigi will have to go through multiple mansions instead of one. From what it seems, his vacuum is back along with the weird colored ghosts that aren't Boos. We will let you know more about this game in the coming months. Be sure to check back here for more news on this title.

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At the end of Nintendo's press conference there was a bunch of games that were on the screen. Two of these titles happened to be Kirby games. The first one we have seen is called called Kirby Wii for now and the other called Kirby Mass Attack which will be coming out for the Nintendo DS. Checked back at for more info on these two games in the coming months.

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At Nintendo's E3 press conference Nintendo revealed as a gift of Zelda's 25th anniversary, that Zelda the Four Swords Adventures will be given to players free via Nintendo's DSiWare. Keep in mind if you have the 3DS you can download it as well. I don't know about you folks, but I like me some Zelda and I like me some free stuff. Other then that not much was said about the title and if any new features will be added. Stay tuned to in the coming months for more info on this title.

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Mario Kart 3DS was shown at Nintendo's press conference once again. This time around they seemed to show the viewers a couple of things that will be in this title that hasn't been in the Mario Karts of the past. They added some type of hang glider that's attached to the kart when you're falling from a jump as well as a underwater propeller when you're underwater. As far as tracks are concerned they have new ones as well as from what I could tell were tracks from Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii.  Coins also seem to be back from Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart Super Circuit, and Mario Kart Arcade. Stay tuned to for more updates in the coming months on this title.

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Nintendo's E3 2011 Press Conference

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At the EA press conference they explained a little bit more about what Need for Speed the Run is going to be. The explained that Auto Log (World Wide Stats) will now be incorporated into the story mode so that you will always be going against friends and people around the world. During the demo, it showed you being able to jump out the car and run on foot, which is a first in the franchise. This game looks to really push this franchise into the next level.  Action packed, every second of the game. Stay tuned to for more on this new Need for Speed title.

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