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Characters That SHOULD Be In Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Part 1

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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Marvel Versus Capcom 3 has plenty of new characters you to choose. From Wesker to Deadpool, the upcoming brawler has quite the cast of characters.

But that's not enough. Everyone has their unsung heroes. So in typical fashion, I present to you part one of "Characters That SHOULD Be In Marvel Vs Capcom 3". For obvious reasons, I won't include anyone who was in MVC2.

Okay, so in the interest of fairness, I'm going to talk about five Marvel characters, and 5 Capcom characters that would compliment/counter them. With any luck, we'll see them all appear as DLC, and Capcom will handwrite us a letter describing how awesome we are.

Marvel Character #1 – Nightcrawler


Nightcrawler has been my favorite Marvel character since I was six or seven years old. I remember reading a comic spin-off with him where he kept uncontrollably teleporting to different universes, including one where there was nothing but midget versions of himself!

Tactically, Nightcrawler could work well as a fast-paced close ranger fighter, similar to Marrow in MVC2 (just faster). His ability to teleport and wield a sword with his tail could prove useful in combos, and his agility could even give Spiderman a run for his money.


Capcom Counter #1 – Remy


There are zero Sonic Booms to be had in MVC3. Zero. Of the characters that can pull it off, only Remy is agile and wiry. His speed would work well against Nightcrawlers, and his projectile attack would make a great counterpoint against Nightcrawler's reliance on close-range combat.

Also, Remy was the only character I could play as in 3rd Strike. Everyone else sucked. Everyone, but Chun-Li, anyway...


Marvel Character #2 – Apocalypse


Yeah yeah, I know – He was a boss in the past. What I imagine here is a playable character about the height of Dormammu or Dr. Doom. He would be a slow and deliberate attacker with surprising speed, kind of like a mix between MVC2's Venom and Colossus. He'd fight right in with the multitude of Marvel Baddies already in the game.


Capcom counter #2 – Nemesis


Just thinking about Nemesis in a fighting game like MVC3 gets me pretty excited. He's a fan favorite, even for people who never played RE3. He would be an awesome addition against Apocalypse, and would go great with other RE baddie Wesker. He could have a diverse move set, from powerful attacks and grapples, to Omega Red-like tentacles and a friggin' rocket launcher. This badass definitely needs to return to gaming.


Marvel Character #3 – Howard the Duck


Marvel needs to have a character we can hate. Moreover, they need a character that can make others hate us when we win with them. Look no further than Howard the Duck, alien avian and all around rad dude. He could have a repertoire of silly moves and arcing projectiles that rival past humor characters like Servbot and Amigo. Quack Fu is serious business, folks.


Capcom Counter #3 – Phoenix Wright


As absurd as this could possibly be, Phoenix Wright has been brought up before as a candidate for this series. The problem is, one can only go so far making a move set for a guy who only manages to talk and point in all of his games. Still, a good humor fighter is a good humor fighter, so I' be interested in seeing what they could pull off with Phoenix or Apollo.


Marvel Character #4 – Wolfsbane


Wolfsbane is an interesting character. More than a werewolf, Wolfsbane is more akin to a heroic Sabretooth than anything else. Fast and ferocious, she could easily rival X-23 if given the chance. Over the years she's gotten easier on the eyes, but for MVC3 she'd have to go all crazy Wolverine-hair like.


Capcom Counter #4 – Regina


Regina is a no-nonsense, gun toting badass with a dark sense of humor and a lot of firepower. She would be a long-range fighter, slightly faster with an emphasis on speedy gunplay over strong projectiles. It's been a while since anyone's seen Regina, so adding her in this game would stir up talk of the Dino Crisis reboot that's been rumored for a bit now.


Marvel Character #5 – Bishop


Bishop is an interesting character. Mix Cable's weapon-based attacks with a bit of Iron Man or even C.Viper's tech attacks, and throw in some powerful, POWERFUL fists, and you have the mutant known as Bishop. He'd likely be a bit slower than Cable, but more powerful with single hits.


Capcom Counter #5 – Barry Burton


At the risk of overdoing Resident Evil characters, Barry joins the fray as a Capcom brawler similar to Haggar or SNK's Clark, but with guns. Barry's signature magnum would have to make a return, as would all of his moves in the recent Mercenaries game. Also, we'd have to tie down Capcom and force them to get the original Barry voice actor for everything. Just saying.


Check back with us Monday, as I reveal five more characters that should definitely be in this game! Can't wait that long? Did I miss someone? Write your dream characters in the comments below!

Comments (4)
  • The Last Master

    Yes i want nightcrawler and bishop. how cool would nightcrawler super move be with his teleporting ability.

    and eric, damn u with that blue nocturne hahah

  • GrimmTrixX

    I agree with most of this list, especially Remy since I sucked with everyone else in 3rd strike (well ryu and ken dont count cuz almost everyone is good with them) But Remy is my favorite guy in 3rd strike all thanks to his defensive "Blue Nocturne" Suoer. Ask V, I caught him with that ALL the time. lol

  • InitialDriftS13

    Not feeling Remy or Nemesis. In Marvel vs Capcom 2 I would say yes to both of them but no in Marvel vs Capcom 3. Capcom side they really wanted to go with the characters that are heroes both American and Japanese gamers know and love. Characters that are as popular as Spiderman, wolverine, and hulk. Its the reason why we have Jill and Chris instead of Claire and Leon. A whole different mindset with this game in mind with this series then in the past, they want to really attract the american audience with this game. We can save Remy for the Capcom vs Snks and the Tekken X Street fighters.

  • jayce

    Lol, you guys are gonna love part two of this article...

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