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Wolverine VS. Akuma... Fight!

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Written by Tony Howell
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So I figured I'd do something a little fun. I took a break from my SF x TK match ups, because it seems the game isnt going to be coming out anytime soon. With that said, I wanted to do a couple of match-ups before Marvel vs Capcom 3 is out. Let me know who you think will win this epic battle between Wolverine and Akuma!

One of my favorite match-ups in this series has got to be Wolverine vs Akuma. I can tell you right off the bat I think Akuma would wipe the floor with Wolverine. The dude has chopped a mountain in half with his fist! If that's not reason enough for you, I can go on about how Akuma keeps his cool during battles, (the minute Logan gets pissed off that would be the end of him), or the fact that once Akuma pulls off the demon its game over for Wolverine. There isn't any regenerating going on when you're murdered.


All of this is my opinion, so don't go ape shit on me if you disagree. In fact, I wanted to hear what you all had to say. I love hearing what other gamers think about these type of match ups. Remember, I'm not looking at it from a players point of view when playing the game, I'm looking at it from more of a story point as if Marvel and Capcom were making a comic out of it (which they are). Let me know who you think will win.

Comments (11)
  • Bub

    Pretty ridiculous when reading majority of the comments on here. Firstly, Akuma would destroy Wolverine on a whimper here. When he was holding back 50% of his power he was still able to sink an island by slamming his fist to the ground. He splits a mountain into 5 pieces with his fist. He trains in the ocean trenches, and he destroyed a ship with his hurricane kick.

    Not to mention Gouki is fast enough to dodge in the bullet speed range. Yes we've seen Wolverine do this, but not consistently at all. Projectiles in the SF world can reach up to Mach2 (1,500+ MPH), and that's Guile's Sonic Boom mind you, however that's JUST the regular projectiles.

    The super projectiles would be much faster and more powerful.

    Akuma can also warp, and more importantly, he has the Shungokusatsu which will destroy Wolverine on cue.

    Akuma would DESTROY Wolverine, one single Shungokusatsu would destroy Wolverine instantly.

  • darkblue2700

    @people who thinks wolvie will win

    if you finish Akuma's story in Marvel vs Capcom 3,
    he defeated Ryu, Chun-li, Captain America,
    Spider-man, and Wolverine.. all of them at the
    same time.. so, Wolvie gets crushed here

  • kelle

    Wow..akuma cannot beat the hulk in any wsy shape or form...and wolverine could eat a punk ass hadoken for breakfast...oh and wolverine wins by far so chill out with the lame capcom bs. They cant compete with marvel

  • joe  - Akuma can not be be beaten

    no mater what if gets the raging demon on you your dead this move destroys your soul not your body akumas can't even be shot becaues he can use his hadou to protect him so even guns are useless his distoryed submarines and and an entire island with one blow he would sit wolverine on fire with his fire balls not even the hulk stands a chance against akuma. akuma would easily pull a raging demon on him and be done with it

  • LarryL

    LOL @ people thinking Akuma would beat Wolverine. There wouldn't even be a contest. Especially if you're talking the REAL comic book Wolverine. Hugh Jackman?.....maybe......but Akuma would have no chance against comic book Wolverine. His healing factor would just negate whatever damage Akuma could deal out. When Logan was Apacalypse's Death, Hulk planted a redwood on Wolverine's face and it didn't kill him. He takes on Sabertooth, Omega Red and Deathstrike at the same time and lives, Hell, he survives a nuclear blast that basically removed all of his skin and muscle tissue and still walks away. What the hell is a Hado fireball or 2 going to do.

    And that's just the healing factor. You even take that out of the equation and I still give it to Wolverine on just fighting prowess. He can and has beaten Captain America, Spider-Man and even fought the Hulk for days, to the point where both of them were like "to hell with this". Again, when Wolverine was Death, it took the entire X-Men team to just be able to escape with their lives. They couldn't beat him....they just got survived. And when Wolverine was brainwashed by The Hand, he basically took out all the major Marvel heroes including the Fantastic 4.

    And some guy said Akuma would just break his claws? Do you know anything about Wolverine? His claws and bones are molecularly bonded with Adamantium. They're unbreakable. Not to mention as soon as he grabed them they'd just slice through his hand. They pierce Hulk hide dude. And Adamantium is a mythic metal, so Akuma being a deamon wouldn't help him. Remember, they can even kill Kitty Pride when she's invisible. Technically, he'd even be able to cut Superman, because of the mythic/magical properties of adamantium.

    Akuma would have no chance against Wolverine, and that's a fact.

  • PAYBACK-Cyanide  - you are kidding right?

    this is no contest ,i dunno why people think marvel universe is the strongest thing ever lol not to mention the whole marvel side of MVC series are broken. i forgot most people here grew up on comics and stuff so knowing that i can see why westerners would think wolverine would win but i will have to disagree. like the author wrote akuma WILL wipe the floor with wolverine. Akuma alone would demolish the xmen team . akuma is the type of guy to just walk up to wolverine and snap his claws off without effort then call him a sissy while hes crying over his broken claws. dont get me wrong wolverine is bad ass and all but hes not stronger than akuma lol. dam westerners they think everything american made will win. AKUMA = PURE CHAOS & DESTRUCTION.and yeah regeneration wont heal you when you are getting the raging demon to the face. im sure akuma hadouken would knock the life out of wolverine . wolverine would die and come back to life and die again after a fight with akuma. this article should have given akuma a more worthy opponent than marvel characters. oh and for the hulk comment , size doesnt matter akuma would break hulk. one goushoryuken to the jaw and hulk is done.

  • InitialDriftS13

    That's what I'm saying. You can regenerate all you want but once your dead your dead. I'm not sure about the other Wolverines since I know Marvel likes to do like a trillion different universes. Another quick thing to add. Do you really think Stan Lee would waste his time putting his characters in a gaming series he felt wouldn't match up? Now most likely but back in the 90s? I highly doubt it.

  • Anonymous

    raging demon would ill wolverine in a blink of an eye and thats only if akuma decided to toy with him long enough to do that to him. wolverines claws and blah blah akuma is a last boss for a reason. wolverine is a mutant not a demon lol. the powers of the dark hadou would demolish wolverine. why do you think he is even a god character in mugen? hes the strongest character in mugen! obviously hes a higher tier character than wolverine anyday.

  • Donovan

    Doesnt make sense to put akuma as a winner then if you are a Marvel fan .

    Akuma is nothing special compared to usual threats from the marvel series , outside of martial artists such as Iron fist .

  • Nate  - Yeah...

    Listen, I'm a massive Marvel fan, far more so than Capcom (though I loves Capcom too) and I can only agree with ya. Logan's a tough bastard but Akuma would crush him. So yeah, well played sir.

  • LOLmeh

    I don't think any street fighter character is strong enough for most of the marvel universe , joking aside .

    Akuma chop a mountain with his fist ? Uh ok , meet the Hulk . Wolvie already did , and still survived .

    Akuma has nothing on Marvel martial arts specialists , nor his hadoukens threatening for a guy healing after being blasting by all kind of silly powers :p

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