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What Madden 12 Will (Won't) Be About

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Written by Manny Diaz
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With the NFL lockout having no end in sight, I thought I would talk about the one thing we are all concerned about when it comes to football: MADDEN!

Now since EA is EA, they won't ever go on strike. They would throw the employee’s who dare go on strike in the salt mines of Serbia. So expect a new Madden coming out this summer. I happen to have an exclusive insight as to what will be in Madden 12, and I'm going to tell you now.

Cover Athlete -


Since they're in court most of the time anyway, the folks at EA have decided to look in that direction for a personality to put on their cover, and shot for none other than Phoenix Wright. You'll see.

Gameplay -


Since there will be absolutely NO football in this game, you may be wondering, “Why should I buy it?"

Well, here are some modes you might be interested in.

* Court Mode - You can choose between representing the NFL, NFLPA, or if none of those are what you want, you can be the Judge and oversee this whole mess. No need to go to Brown University to get a law degree when you could just play this mode instead. However, You will have to face Phoenix Wright, and he does tend to object everything (and I mean EVERYTHING)!

* Workout Mode - Now if you haven’t heard, players went to team facilities only to get kicked out onced they arrived. Now you too can enjoy the feeling of being told to go home. This simulation is complete with everything, such as asking to be let in the building only to be told to beat it, having the police called on you for “trespassing”, and my personal favorite, the ability to block street traffic.

* Twitter War -  We all know that everyone is brave behind a computer screen, and in the NFL this is no different. In this mode, you'll blast the Commissioner of the NFL (Roger Goodell) as bad as you can without getting fined. Now this is tricky, because your ability to get fined depends on who you pick. For example, Tom Brady is a lot harder to get fined the Chad Ocho Cinco. However, Ocho Cinco can get more points because he has a greater verbal ability.

Graphics -


Like Maddens of the past, this game will just recycle and reuse the graphics. So don’t expect much.

Music -


It is going to be EA Trax so again just follow the OFFICIAL Glitchy Tasty instructions on what to do when playing a game that has EA Trax (Step 1. Mute your T.V.  Step 2. Play your own music).

Overall -

If you're a Madden freak, you will hate this game. But if you aren't, you… will still hate this game.

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