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Eric's 5 Most Anticipated Games for E3

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Written by Eric Dionne
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E3 is fast approaching, people. Glitchy Tasty will be there on the show floor, checking out the latest and greatest games and hardware. So in anticipation of this wondrous event, we thought it'd be neat to bring you our most anticipated games of the show, here's what Eric has chosen for his 5 most awesomest, badassest and anticipatorily cool games for E3.

While most know me as the resident old-school gamer, being the oldest on the site myself (well I think Bill's older, but whatever, we're old), I am still a fan of current games. What I lack in knowing about specific companies as well as random games, I make up for in dedication to older franchises as well as a love for those companies I have enjoyed since I was a kid. So here are the 5 games I am most excited to see mentioned in greater detail at E3.

WWE '12

This comes as no surprise to anyone. Tony and I are the biggest WWE fanatics here and we are both excited for the game. I've played them all; hell I own them all (ok... I don't own Just Bring It or Shut Your Mouth, but I didn't own a PS2 until later and Here Comes The Pain kicked both their asses). But if there's one thing I always hype myself up for, its WWE wrestling games. I am big on simulation, and so far it sounds like they got a great idea going for this year's game. They dropped the name Smackdown vs. Raw (finally, since it should've simply been WWE 2011 last year), and titled it WWE '12. Fine by me. They changed many things, some for the better, and some, for me personally, for the worse. You'll read more when I do a WWE '12 preview as we gain more info during and after E3. But I for one cannot wait to be superstars who are 100% new to the WWE games like Alberto Del Rio, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, and Tyler Reks.


Bioshock Infinite

Let's face it; Bioshock 2 was a letdown. It was the same old song and dance from Bioshock 1, which wouldn't be a bad thing, except it just felt LAME. I love the original Bioshock, but Bioshock 2 felt like a Direct-to-DVD sequel if you get my meaning. I never wanted to be a Big Daddy, not for ONE second when I played the original Bioshock... So who's idea was that? However, Bioshock Infinite looks to be much more interesting. Why you ask? Simple, they changed the environment. Bioshock was about a deep sea environment. Bioshock 2 was "oh yeah, so you're still underwater in Rapture, again, but now you're a prototype Big Daddy." Yeah, sounds boring to me, too. The game was ok, but I just felt like I HAD to beat it because I loved Bioshock 1 so much. But in Infinite, you take to the sky! This leads me to believe there will be plenty of telekinetic tossing of enemies off edges to their doom, and I for one am a HUGE fan of this. I loved it in Psi-Ops, and I'll love it here. Here's hoping we get a lot more info because I am very excited for this game!


Twisted Metal

I am a long time die-hard fan of the Twisted Metal series. I remember renting a PS1 as a kid (back then you could rent systems from video stores), and playing the HELL out of Twisted Metal. I eventually got my own system just as Twisted Metal 2 came out. What a great Christmas gift that was (also got Resident Evil 1 on the same day)! This game looks so awesome! It looks to be a similar style to Twisted Metal: Black which was the last good game in the series. I have waited for a good online Twisted Metal for what seems like forever, and it pretty much has been forever. But this October, the wait till be over and I for one am super excited. Here's hoping every ending is super twisted since we all know the winner of the competition hardly ever gets what they want thanks to Calypso's twist on their wish. Just give me a car with weapons attached and let me blow stuff up as Mr. Grimm... Gee, my gamertag is GrimmTrixX... wonder if the first half has anything to do with Twisted Metal?

Hitman: Absolution

Very little is known about this game, but they're going to talk more about it at E3. All I can say is HELL YEAH! I absolutely loved Hitman: Blood Money (also like the ones before it, but Blood Money was simply awesome). it was one of those games where there was no one way to finish a level. You could honestly play each level and figure out 50 different ways to beat it, and almost all of them distinctly different. I expect way more of this in the next Hitman game. Blood Money was on Xbox 360, but they also made it for other systems and it was a near launch title. As a true next-gen title, this new game will be totally off the walls bad ass. Here's hoping Agent 47 has some new and unique tricks up his sleeve... and that we can kill a clown and dress up as one again and wreak some hilarious havoc.


Deus Ex: Human Revolution

After having only played halfway through Deus Ex: Invisible War on Xbox, I can say I am still excited for this game. At first I was vaguely interested, but when I let it fester in my brain and watched more trailers, I totally wanted it. I mean with my love for games where you can have a different play style (such as Hitman) based on what you like to do, I can't help it... I want this game. I am a big stealth guy in games where you can choose to be stealthy but don't need to be (I thought the Splinter Cell series was too stealthy, for example). I never go guns blazing unless something goes wrong, unlike pure stealth games like Splinter Cell where you HAVE to be sneaky, otherwise you're dead. I like a game where if something unexpected happens you can adapt, and if you play again, it'll happen completely different. Toss in the biotechnology in this futuristic game (and not too far future, only 2027), RPG elements since, after all, this is Square-Enix, and you got yourself the makings of a very great game.

While there are a few more, these are the top 5 that I want to know a lot more about before their impending releases. What are your top 5 for this year's E3?

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