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Street Fighter X Tekken Rivalries

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Written by Tony Howell
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When most people talk about fighting games, the first fighters that usually come to mind are usually Street Fighter and Tekken. Thanks to Capcom and Namco Bandai, we will finally have a crossover game of epic proportions. There are going be two games made; The first being created by Capcom under the title of Street Fighter X Tekken, and the second by Namco Bandai,Tekken X Street Fighter. With the game trailer being out for everyone to see I wanted to put together what I call “Tony’s Epic Street Fighter X Tekken Rivals list.” Each week I am going to introduce 5 "Rivals" match ups and give you guys a short summary of what I think their story will be about, and how they might interact with each other.

This is part one of the series. For part two, click here.

The first match up I put together for obviousl reasons (trailer) is Ryu vs. Kazuya.

In the trailer, Kazuya seemed pissed as all hell. He whooped Dan’s ass and went straight for Ryu. Being a huge Ryu fan I already know for a fact he’s going to want to fight Kazuya to better himself as a person and as a warrior…Kazuya on the other hand definitely does not want to fight Ryu for that reason. I have a strong hunch that Kazuya wants to gather the power of the Dark Hadou and harness it for himself to kill Jin and begin plans of world domination. I really don’t see this interaction being a very nice one in the end so no friendly fight between these two.

The next match up is Chun-Li vs. Nina again for obvious reasons.

In the trailer, Chun-Li was Ryu’s tag partner and Nina was Kazuya’s tag partner. There was nothing said between Chun-Li and Nina so this match up might not be written in stone just yet. Since Nina is an assassin, I have a strong feeling Chun-Li will be following her for that very reason. Chun-Li is an undercover Interpol agent which means she probably was sent to keep an eye on Nina. Nina will find out and the fight will happen. In the end Nina will attack Chun-Li or Chun-Li will catch Nina in the act of finishing one of her jobs. I really don’t think this one will be a friendly fight at all.


Next match up is Ken vs. Jin

I thought Ken and Jin would be an interesting match up. Jin has teamed up with Ken in the past (Namco VS Capcom) so I thought it would be cool to see a friendly fight between the two. We never really see Jin enjoying himself in the Tekken series; then again if my family was as screwed up as his I wouldn’t be too happy myself. In this match up I could see Ken approaching Jin and asking him to spar. Knowing Jin he would probably say no and try to walk away. Ken will then run his mouth (like he always does) and tell Jin that he is too scared to face him because he is the US Champion. That will catch Jin’s attention and they will then engage in battle.

Next match up is Guile vs. Paul

This match up is epic for one reason….BATTLE OF THE HAIR! If there’s one thing that makes these two characters memorable, it’s their hair. This will be one of those neutral rivalries. I really don’t see these two battling to the death. The way I see it. Guile and Paul will bump into each other. One will comment on the other ones hair and fight will begin. I think Paul will say something to piss Guile off because he has an extremely cocky personality which reminds me a lot of Ken.


Next Match up will be E.Honda vs. Ganryu

This is going to be an extremely fun match up for both Tekken and Street fighter fans. E.Honda and Ganryu are both sumo wrestlers so….that means they will battle to see who is the better sumo. This will be not be a friendly rivalry because Honda will find out about Ganryu’s past when he used to fix fights. After the fight I can see Honda forgiving Ganryu for what he did and travel to Japan trying to promote Sumo.


That’s it for this week, but be sure to check back next week to see more Street Fighter X Tekken match ups. Be sure to let me know what you think about my match ups and let me know who you want to see matched up in the game.

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