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Killer Instinct 3? Where The Hell Are You?

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Written by Eric Dionne
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With the apparent rise in Next-Gen fighting games, I have to ask the question...Where the hell is Killer Instinct 3? I mean, did I miss the part where the series WASN'T amazing? Ok, sure KI2 wasn't that great, but it wasn't Tao Feng or Kakuto Chojin awful. But think about this... Killer Instinct 3 would look AMAZING using today's technology. The characters are iconic with their own unique style, and to top it off they could re-release the Arcade version of Killer Instinct, and sell it on Xbox Live Arcade for $10 and make millions. You throw online play on Killer Instinct and I am there destroying people with Fulgore or Spinal.

So there's my two cents, anyone agree? Come on Rare, what the heck are you doing right now that's more important than making Killer Instinct 3 and giving us Killer Instinct on XBLA? Let Banjo take a break for once one really cares about him anyway. I know I never did.


Comments (10)
  • Anonymous

    ive got KILLER INSTINCT arcade,if they make KILLER INSTINCT 3 hope they keep all the same sounds from KILLER INSTINCT1,the sounds i meen, the talking killer combo, ulta combo, monster combo, its sounds awsome,ass in KILLER INSTINCT 2 they took the sounds off,and straight away the game suks,and the game play was crap,keep the game play same as KILLER INSTINCT1,AND ADD MORE COMBOS and it will be awsome thanks for reading shanecombo

  • eduardo  - killer instinct

    OMG this game would be off the chain i would buy this KI3 in a heartbeat so come on rare with it....plz lolz

  • Anonymous

    Ultra!!Ultra!!!Ultra!!!! Combo with supreme victory

  • Anonymous

    just make ki3 damn it!!!

  • @Marceloeduardoc  - HOT!!!!

  • Code M

    Jago, Sabrewulf, fulgore man MAN I miss playing with those guys DAMN IT RARE! I agree I dont really care about banjo either.

  • Lukey

    I dont think ki 3 will ever come out.

  • Anonymous

    KI3! KI3,KI3, KI3, KI3,KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3, KI3!!!!

  • Joel

    I've given up on KI3, and given up on Rare they act so smug all the time. Remind me of a bank or insurance company.
    I'd settle for that KI 1 and 2 re release you mentioned. In wide screen would be great but I'm sure that's too much to ask.
    After all they are hard at work scratching their balls and flushing money down the toilet.

  • cory

    yea i totally agree with they made a KI3 that would probably sell out all other fighting games ever created because KI is a classic fighting god of a game lol so hopefully they do :D

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