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Characters that should NOT be in Marvel VS. Capcom 3

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Written by Manny Diaz
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I just read the articles that Jayce Diaz wrote called “Characters that SHOULD be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3". Well, I'm here to tell you about my version.

It's something I'd like to call “Characters that should NOT be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3”.

10. Barack Obama


We need to have a character that is a leader, and is either hated or loved. So why look any further then President Obama?


9. George Steinbrenner


We would need someone who is evil to the point where they run an evil empire. So with this, we only have to look at the former owner of the New York Yankees. Now I know he's dead, and wouldn’t be any good because of this "handicap". But if you're thinking that, then to you I say, "Shut up." This is a video game.


8. The Stig


Some say that he doesn’t take his helmet off because he has a fear of clouds, and that he thought the the U.S. Credit Crunch was a breakfest cereal. All we know is he’s called "The Stig"!!!


7. John Cena


Do I really need to go into why we all hate him?


6. Shaq


with his amazing Shaq-Fu skills, he will be UNSTOPPABLE!!


5. Chuck Norris


No need to say anything. He is Chuck Norris.


4.  Christina Aguilera


With the ability to mess up the National Anthem, she will be a great choice in this game.


3. Stephen Hawking


He is as close as we can get to Professor X.


2. Pixel Dude


He would be the "Ryu" of the game. He would only have one move, and it would be used over and over and over again online to the point where it will annoy the hell out of you. Yet, when no one is looking you pick him and destroy the cpu.


1. Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen has proven himself indestructible, given the amount of alcohol and promiscuous sex he takes in on a daily basis. He also has the amazing power to still get work despite whatever shape he's in. Also, he has ancestrial ties to the demigod known as Emilio Estavez.

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