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Eric's Top 10 Games That Need Sequels!

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Written by Eric Dionne
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When one thinks about video games, we often look towards the future. After playing the first God of War, we wondered, "what's next for Kratos?" After defeating the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved, we imagined what adventures Master Chief would move on to next. Sequels are what make a game become more than just something fun to play. Sequels give life to a storyline. They create a series of new characters, returning old characters, new abilities, a new enemy, and even sometimes a new protagonist.

Well, here I honor 10 games who are in dire need of a sequel. Some to further the already amazing story, and some to fill in the cliffhanger ending of their first and only game. Do you agree with any of them? Read on and see what sequels I am hopeful for in the near future.


10.) Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy

I don't care what anyone says; Psi-Ops was one of, if not the, best game involving the use of telekinetic powers (Second Sight was better - Jayce). You could lift enemies, shoot them and toss them (or just toss them for extra fun), you had Pyrokinesis, you could use mind control and make an enemy kill all his teammates and then turn the gun on himself, and you could stand on an object and "Magneto float" yourself around. I think I spent more time playing in the training area just killing tons of enemies than anything else. But the damn game ends on a cliffhanger and then, as luck would have it, some nerd was trying to sue claiming they stole the game's story from him. Regardless of whether it was true or not, I want more Psi-ops!


9.) Doom 3/Resurrection of Evil

So I hear a rumor that there are some things going on with a possible Doom 4, and I want it to be true. I have been a long time fan of Doom since it started ages ago on the PC. I've seriously been playing since it first came out; I used to download map files (or WADs as we called them because the files had a .wad extension) on a 14.4k modem at my mom's school (I didn't have internet at home yet). My friend Nick and I would play Doom 2 over the internet with 14.4 modems and guess what... it didn't lag! We didn't even know what lag was back then. But yet today, we have broadband and everything lags randomly all the time. But Doom was the first "don't play in a dark room" kind of game, which eventually would continue with games like like Silent Hill and Resident Evil (I'm not comparing the games, just the "don't play in the dark" similarities). I remember playing Doom 3 in the dark with surround sound on and hearing random Lost Souls flying around behind me, or random enemies growling. It was awesome. So id Software, if you know what's good for you, after Rage comes out and fails miserably, make Doom 4!


8.) Dead or Alive 4

I have been a huge fan of DOA since DOA 2 Hardcore on the Dreamcast. DOA remains my all time favorite 3D fighter, yes over Tekken and especially over Virtua Fighter. The game is based largely on reversals, and I am a very defensive player in fighting games, or at least I try to be. I am insanely dirty with Leon; ask anyone who plays me. This series always has the best graphics, best character models, a very diverse set of characters, and amazing environments and environmental hazards. I mean, in DOA 4 you could hit your enemy into a damn velociraptor, or have them get run into by a cheetah. While most games will have things moving in the background, DOA puts you right in the action. The tag system cannot be beat (I'm sorry, Tekken Tag, but if my teammate is defeated our whole team shouldn't immediately lose the round. Let my final guy fight against all odds). I personally play better when it's 2 to 1 most of the time, because your opponent gets arrogant, while you become more aware since now it's do or die. But series creator Tomonobu Itigaki had to go and leave Team Ninja, so a DOA5 is not looking very promising. I am going to get DOA for the 3DS eventually, but it is NOT a sequel and so I still await someday getting DOA5. After all, we are getting Soul Calibur 5, my 2nd favorite 3D fighter.


7.) Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

Now you may notice I mentioned Munch's Oddysee, and didn't mention Stranger's Wrath. Well, that's because that game sucked and I do not honor it as being connected to the Oddworld series. Oddworld was one of those awesome fun side-scrolling strategy/platformer type games, similar to Flashback and Out of this World. The fact that Abe had no weapons and died in one hit made the game challenging.; He could, however, mind control his enemies and fart... Oddworld is an amazing gaming universe and I would love to explore it using today's technology. Munch's Oddysee was great on the original Xbox, but it was a launch title. I think it's time for Abe and Munch to make a triumphant return!


6.) Indigo Prophecy

Known as Fahrenheit in Europe, there's just something about Indigo Prophecy that just draws you in. You play as both a killer and the police investigating him. If you leave behind clues as the killer, then the game could end early when you play as the police. I got arrested right at the beginning of the game, because during the first murder I left an obvious clue behind. The game had 3 different full endings, and was enjoyable the entire time. Heavy Rain may have had a similar play style, yet oddly I've played 3 hours of it and have yet to want to go back. This sucks, as I was the most excited person for Heavy Rain because of its similarity to Indigo Prophecy, and yet it just didn't work the same. The game was relatively unknown and it didn't make amazing sales, but if you haven't played it, do yourself a favor and download it on XBL. It's gotta be cheap now, and if it was worth it to me back then for $50, then it's definitely worth it today for $10 or $20.


5.) Legacy of Kain: Defiance

When we last saw Raziel and Kain, they were both joining forces to take on a greater evil. But now what? The Soul Reaver and Blood Omen series were awesome vampiric/wraith fun and we should get more of it. Defiance was ok, but Soul Reaver 2 and Blood Omen 2 were amazing. Blood Omen 2 is one of my favorite games, which was a surprise at the time because I'm not a huge vampire guy. I mean sure, I'll watch Twilight and Underworld, but I don't go nuts over vampires. However, killing innocents and stealth killing enemies in Blood Omen 2 was awesome. With Soul Reaver, you were a former vampire who, instead of feasting on blood, required souls. You could go into a spectral realm which warped the terrain allowing you to pass areas otherwise impassable in the material realm. Defiance joins these two characters together and basically meshes Blood omen 2 with Soul Reaver 2 in terms of gameplay. Raziel has his realm abilities while Kain has his vampiric powers. The game ended in a good enough way, but it still seems that Kain has more to accomplish. So, I guess I'm saying I would like a Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 3. Even though I like Raziel better, the way the story went previously I see Kain being the main character. That is, if we ever get a sequel to this amazing series.


4.) ICO

Let me just say this; Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are two of my all time favorite games. They have great music, amazing scenery, and an overall epic story. Even while using very few words, they are better than stories that have full and continuous dialogue. While I'd love a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus, it wouldn't really work. The story was about Wander killing Colossi to save his woman. So at the end, not to spoil anything, but we see similarities to Ico and how they tie in together. This let us know that Shadow of the Colossus is a prequel to Ico. Now it's not a direct prequel, as they're most likely centuries apart, but it starts a trend in the story that continues to Ico.

So let's talk more about Ico. The game stars a boy left to be imprisoned forever, who breaks out of his confines and comes across an alien girl (well, assumed alien since she speaks another language and is very tall and has a white glow around her). This girl, named Yorda, is also trying to escape. As it ends, it leaves room for more to be done. So I would love to see an Ico 2, or "Ico & Yorda", or something to that effect. Yes, we are going to eventually get The Last Guardian, which could, and most likely will, tie into Shadow of the Colossus or Ico. But even so, I'd like a storyline that continues with Ico and Yorda, and not one that simply alludes to it. Maybe that would make the people at Team Ico (yes the developer is called Team Ico), not have as much room for the epic story that these games give us, but who knows. I would just love to see more from this company, and more often. Sure their games are great, but they've only made two games, with HD remakes for them coming in September, and will make a 3rd title within the next year. They sure do take their sweet time.


3.) Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness is hands down, the best psychological survivor horror game ever. This coming from the guy who absolutely goes insane for Alan Wake, as I often talk about its amazingness. You see, Eternal Darkness was a survivor horror game for the Gamecube that had a little thing called an insanity meter. The lower this meter dropped from being attacked by enemies, the more the game would mess with you. Many people over the years have been fooled by this game, even to the point of turning off their game because it tricked them. You see, sometimes with a low insanity meter the game would go to a black screen, making it seem like it froze, or show the classic input symbols that many TVs have and show "Video 1" in the corner, making you think you lost picture. Sometimes you'd walk into a room and see tons of ammo, pick it all up, only to reappear back where you came into the room and find out that it didn't happen at all. You'd walk and your torso would fall off, and statues would turn their heads as you passed by them. None of this actually happened, but it would freak you out and make you question what's real. That's not even the best part about the game! Not only is it survival horror that makes you insane, but you control numerous characters throughout time, some ancestors of one another, other's just important people in their history, and get to relive different time periods. Some areas even take place in the same home, but different time period, and you even get to see the fate of the people you control. I want to see a sequel to this game so badly and I think everyone could benefit from it. Like almost all of the game's on my list, it uses a unique system, making it far different from any other survival horror game in the way it does spells and its overall story. They'd be stupid not to revive this series with a sequel. I mean after all, a big chunk of the game takes place in a mansion in the good old state of Rhode Island, the home of Glitchy Tasty!


2.) Gladius

I know that I drive everyone crazy about this game, but it's that damn good! It got rave reviews when it came out but sadly wasn't a great seller. It had what is personally my all-time favorite turn-based/strategy mix for a combat system,  and I wish some other games would utilize it so I can at least get close to the same kind of play style. The game had centurions, bears, wolves, giant scarabs, spear throwers, skeleton warriors and sorcerers, vikings, ogres, Planet of the Apes-looking Mongrels, and even satyrs! You show me another game that had knife-wielding satyrs in battle that do a jig for the crowd to gain popularity for the house they battle for... Yeah, I thought not. LucasArts needs to let Star Wars rest for a while, and give me Gladius II or I'm just gonna go insane. Now I've never comlpeted Gladius, but I am at the final match. I've been nervous to play because if your characters die in this battle, they die for good. I love my characters so I am nervous, but maybe I'll do it this week, who knows. One thing I do know is that no Gladiator-style game even comes close to this one and it needs to be given another chance.


1.) Lost Odyssey

The only turn-based RPG to rival my love for Gladius is Lost Odyssey. This game had a great turn-based mechanic that utilized what they called the "ring system", where if your character wore a certain ring, they'd do damage based on it. So it wasn't 100% turn-based because of different attack types. The coolest thing is, the five immortal characters in the game don't gain powers as they level up, they instead learn them from other members in their party simply by battling alongside them. Now I have NEVER put as much time into an RPG as I have for this game. I beat the game at 146+ hours, had 7 of the 9 characters at the max level of 99 and the other two characters at 96 and 98. I have every achievement; I even played and killed the DLC dungeons and got those achievements (learning 2 of the best spells ever , Zero MP consumption (use no MP when doing a spell) and Rose Quartz (all spells can be cast in 1 turn). Not only can the five immortal characters learn spells from other characters, but they can use an item, learn it's ability, and then use the ability of the item whether they have it or not. So say I pick Kaim and give him the Rose Quartz. Once I gain enough points towards it, I can remove the item and then add it to Kaim's skills if I have room. It's an ingenious system and made my guys dangerous by the end.

But this isn't a review; I just want a sequel! Its another game with an amazing battle system that will never be used again by anyone else. I mean the game was made by Final Fantasy VII creator Hironobu Sakaguchi for god's sake. It didn't end in a big cliffhanger or anything, but it could go further or give me a prequel... or a sequel that takes place years and years later, anything! I just want to play Lost Odyssey 2. If you like turn based RPGs and own an Xbox 360, go spend the $20, buy the DLC which I think is at 80pts now. The DLC dungeon boss is WAY harder than the game's final boss, even with my guys at over level 95 by the time I got to the DLC boss. Lost Odyssey 2; do it Microsoft, you know you want to!

So there you have it, the 10 video game sequels that I wish would be made and soon! Some people get tired of sequels. Some want brand new games, but I say where's the fun in that? Sure, sometimes something new can be good, but I for one love to see the characters I grew up playing. I love to see Mario still fighting Bowser, or Sonic and Robotnik still battling it out over animal cruelty. New games show us something great, such at the Halo universe or the God of War series. With every new game series that comes out, we should still see a sequel of older games. Sure, over time things must come to end so they don't get stale, but the trick is to make those older games become the newer games! The reboot of Tomb Raider and Devil may Cry are great ideas. I am a big fan of things being rebooted or retold; I think of them as alternate dimensions. So if even one of these games gets a sequel, for me that's a step in the right direction.

Comments (5)
  • brandiezel

    Lost Odyssey is definitely up there for me! I am glad you chose that...I don't recall if I have even beaten all of the DLC now that I think about it. I might have to go back...but damn, Sakaguchi did a wonderful job on that. Someday...maybe, right?

  • Varun Nagwekar

    Abe is getting a HD remake, but I think the newer ones and Ico/Shadow is getting a third part in the series, donno if that counts as a sequel.

  • jvl

    half these games do have sequels coming out you retard

  • jayce

    please, elaborate. Last I heard there was no ICO 2 or Eternal Darness sequel being made. The only one I could think of is Doom 4, in fact.

  • cadence4disaster

    Definitely agree on Eternal Darkness and Lost Odyssey. They make me geek out

    I remember hearing the words "Rhode Island" in ED.. I squealed a bit, no lie. I was all like "we're getting ATTENTION?!" lmao

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