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Ninjas hold a very respectable place within the video game industry. The mysterious lore, the awesome weaponry, and the big demonic foes that typically reside within their universe make ninjas a staple for game design. But for every great shuriken slinger and wall runner, there is a useless shadow stumbler just itching to be forgotten by time.

So I went ahead and gathered a list of 10 awesome video game ninjas, and their not-so-awesome counterparts.

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It's no secret that Mr. Grimm is my all time favorite Twisted Metal character. I mean, my online moniker has Been GrimmTrixX for quite some time, thanks to him. Once upon a time, I was even known as MrGrimm97 on America On-Line. Remember AOL? Yeah, me neither. Guess where I thought of that? Twisted Metal.

But as the years went on, I evolved into the man I am now, GrimmTrixX, and have loved every second of it. Mr Grimm is the most dangerous and badass character in the entire Twisted Metal universe and if you don't agree, well then... you're a communist...

There, I said it. 

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For years, fans have clamored to have Final Fantasy VII on the current generation of consoles. Even when the Playstation 2 was around everyone wanted the game done for that system with the best graphics (obviously) available. Now, in the current life cycle of consoles, fans would like to see the game on Playstation 3 or Xbox 360. This would not be so bad, except for the fact that Square-Enix made a teaser trailer for the Playstation 3 at its launch showing the original introduction to FFVII. This begs the question....why doesn't Square-Enix just go ahead and remake the infamous game? Considering how popular FFVII still is, even though it was released in the United States on the original Playstation way back on September 7th, 1997, I will look into the reasons as to why, and why it should not, be redone with today's technology. Get ready Glitchy Tasty readers, because here we go!

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Hello, everyone in Glitchy Tasty land. This is MANNYchusetts, and as usual I am here to write about something bad. Recently, our good friend Eric wrote an article showcasing his top 10 games that need sequels. well, I think it's time I wrote my list. I call it, “Manny’s Worst 10 Games That Need Sequels!"

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When one thinks about video games, we often look towards the future. After playing the first God of War, we wondered, "what's next for Kratos?" After defeating the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved, we imagined what adventures Master Chief would move on to next. Sequels are what make a game become more than just something fun to play. Sequels give life to a storyline. They create a series of new characters, returning old characters, new abilities, a new enemy, and even sometimes a new protagonist.

Well, here I honor 10 games who are in dire need of a sequel. Some to further the already amazing story, and some to fill in the cliffhanger ending of their first and only game. Do you agree with any of them? Read on and see what sequels I am hopeful for in the near future.

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Duke is back with another behind the scenes look at the History of Duke Nukem. This time, they enter the Realm of 3D! 

It's still a little tame for what you'd expect from a game were you can shot monsters while enjoying a stripper, but it gives you an interesting look at the history of one of the most loved/hated games of its time. So check it out after the break.

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Hello, everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land. I'm going to start a new segment I call “Lost on the Shelf”. This will be dedicated to games that are good, but for one reason or another never got the fame they deserved. I got this idea when I was playing the game Eternal Champions for the Sega Genesis, so it's going to be the first game in this series. So let's get into it, shall we?

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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land. This is the Man(ny) called Sting stinghead, And I am a little upset. Why? The video game industry. What did it do? It seems that year after year, the industry is trying harder and harder to leave its roots and get closer to being a mindless droid that can't do anything original. Here are some examples.

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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land! This is your friendly neighborhood Manny, and this article is dedicated to the unusual game concepts people come up with. These are the people who make games interesting. Now, some of these aren’t playable, but they are at least funny/cool. So lets get to it and talk about some games!

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Here it is, the final entry in the Kombat That Kounts saga. Here, I discuss Mortal 3D!!!  Well not really, but in 3D fighting form anyway. I'll quickly discuss ALL the MK games from Mortal Kombat 4 to Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe. While these games were never as popular as the original trilogy, they still hold their place in the MK universe, and have a lot of merit on what to expect in the new Mortal Kombat. Beware of spoilers for the new MK game. If you haven't read Part1, Part2, or Part3, I suggest you check them out! You have chosen your destiny... it is time for Kombat That Kounts: Part 4: Mortal Kombat Enters 3D!

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