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Like Mech games? Do names like Gundam, Mech Warrior, or even the upcoming Hawken get your gears moving? Sick, dude.

Anyway, our own Ryan Farrenkopf went ahead and made this awesome video containing clips from over 13 different mech games, to the tunes of Noisia's Machine Gun (16-bit remix).

Check it out and let us know what you think!


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At E3 2010, 2K Marin unveiled it's latest labor of love. Fresh off of Bioshock 2, the team was given the reigns of another beloved, albeit older franchise in the form of XCOM. Fans were... not happy. What they saw amounted to nothing more than a generic first person shooter (the original was an isometric strategy game) based on aliens invading America circa 1962.

So the team went dark, and completely retooled the game mechanics. This year at E3 2011, XCOM is back, and in much, much better form.

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Bioshock Infinite is one of those titles that you just know is going to do well, before ever laying eyes on it for yourself. However, after seeing a closed-door presentation at E3, I can tell you this: you absolutely have no idea just how much Bioshock Infinite will blow you away.

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As most of you all know, Tomb Raider is back, different and better then ever. At the Microsoft press conference you got to really see some actual game play and I can tell you right now I was blown away. From what it looked like, Lara seemed to be trapped on an island. On top of being trapped she seemed to have gotten herself in a sticky situation.

The demo began with her hanging upside down in some type of cave. Right off the bat you could tell that this was a younger Lara Croft just from the way she was acting. Lara was actually scared, something you hardly ever seen in the past titles. The game seems to be going for a fall 2012 release. This is definitely a title you need to look into more as the months pass and we will be sure to let you know about every little bit of this game in the coming months.

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The upcoming Dead Island game from Deep Solver and Techland turned quite a few heads when the first trailer was released a few months back. The team has a lot to prove now, and the expectations of this game are high, indeed. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, though, I'd say they're on the right track. The environments look completely amazing, and it'll be interesting to see how a zombie outbreak unfolds on a resort island.

Watch the new trailer for yourself and start planning your family vacation to Benoi right now!

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Epic and PCF's latest game Bulletstorm is full of gore, foul language, and more than a few easter eggs. In fact, the very beginning of the game features a small joke geared toward Microsoft's million-dollar headache.

Check the video below and let us know what you think!

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L.A. Noire has been in development for some time now. With initial bits of info and video appearing as far back as 2004, people have wondered what the actual gameplay would consist of. Would it be a gritty shooter? A giant Q&A game? Or, would it be similar to games like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain?

Now, the questions are silenced as Rockstar and Team Bondi lift its Arkham City-like veil off real gameplay footage of L.A. Noire. Continue on to watch the exciting new trailer.

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This is article number twenty one for me, and man is it awesome. I figure since this is a special event, I will talk about some games that have impacted me up until I was the big 21.

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People Can Fly, Epic Games, and EA really want to convince us that Bulletstorm will be worth getting when it is released on February 22nd. Personally, I've been convinced ever since they gave me a free Burgerstorm burger at E3 last year. 

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October 5th was a big day. NBA 2K11 came out (review for that is coming soon), and the Kalypso Media press conference was held.

For those of you who don’t know who Kalypso Media is, let me give you a little info. Kalypso started about 4 years ago with 3 people, and now employs over 100 between 3 locations. They're based in Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt), United Kingdom, and America (New Jersey and San Francisco). They make games like Tropico, The First Templar, and Sins of a Solar Empire.

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