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Kalypso Media USA Press Conference

Previews - Multi Platform

Written by Manny Diaz
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October 5th was a big day. NBA 2K11 came out (review for that is coming soon), and the Kalypso Media press conference was held.

For those of you who don’t know who Kalypso Media is, let me give you a little info. Kalypso started about 4 years ago with 3 people, and now employs over 100 between 3 locations. They're based in Germany (Berlin and Frankfurt), United Kingdom, and America (New Jersey and San Francisco). They make games like Tropico, The First Templar, and Sins of a Solar Empire.

Now that you know a little about Kalypso, its time to move on and tell you about the press conference. I get to the building and I am greeted by a big guy at the door. “CAN I HELP YOU!?!” he asks me. As I stand there, dwarfed in size (he had to be at least 6’3” 300 lbs.) with a fear of him crushing me, I say who I am and what I am here for. He looks at me, and suddenly goes from scary to friendly. “Oh, pleased to meet you! Right this way!”  he says in a kind, reassuring voice. I am showed to the conference area and that is where the fun begins.

I was Greeted by Stefan Marcinek (Global Managing Director - Kalypso Media Group), who showed me the game, “ The Patrician IV”. In this game, you grow up as a merchant and go on to build your own army, maintaining them in order to survive. The game also simulates politics, piracy, trading, and the economy in real-time. What makes Patrician IV different from most strategy games is that it doesn’t have the whole ”grid” feeling other stra sims do, opting for a more “Organic” feeling. It's actually been out for a couple of weeks already, and has done pretty well so far.


I was then introduced to Ted Brockwood (Head of PR - Kaylpso Media USA) and he introduced me to a game that has changed the way I look at Medieval games FOREVER!

What is this game you are wondering?

The game is called The First Templar.


Why did this game catch my eye? First of all, it isn’t all about magic and spells. In fact there isn’t any, and I love that. I cant tell you how much I hate WOW, MMORPG’s, and whatever else there is in that genre.

The First Templar is historically correct. What do I mean? Well, if you know about The Holy Grail then you are already there. If you don’t know what The Holy Grail is (NOT the Monty Python version), then you need to go and pick up a book! In this game, you are one of three characters who are on the quest for the Grail. It's a third person game and has a lot of puzzles and hand to hand (err, sword to sword) combat. 

The First Templar will also be Xbox Live-ready, so you and 2 other friends can go and have a blast. If one of your friends should leave midway through, don’t worry; The game supports drop-in, drop-out gameplay, and will just assign his character to an A.I. until someone else joins in and takes his place. There won't be an online battle mode, but from the way this game looks plays in the demo, I don’t think you will need it.


The First Templar is due to be released for Xbox and PC in the beginning of 2011.

The game Dungeons is also due out in 2011. This is a strategy/simulation game where you take charge of a dungeon and, well, what you do when you own a dungeon. You must maintain your dungeon as well as attack other dungeons. Do you think you have what it takes to create the most feared dungeon in all the land? Dungeon dungeon dungeon?

Only one way to find out. Buy the game when it comes out and play it.


Special thanks to everyone at Kaylpso Media for a wonderful press conference.


P.S. Sorry that it took almost a week for this preview to come out. You can thank Michael Jordan for that. (NBA 2K11)

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