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Finally, A Fight Night I Want To Play

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Written by Manny Diaz
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Normally I really wouldn’t care for EA’s Fight Night series, but Fight Night Champion has got me excited. In fact, there are quite a few reasons why this game might be the sports game of the year.

The Rating: This is the first M-rated sports game that EA has ever released. No, it isn’t M-rated simply because of the blood. It got this M-rating because of the real-time injuries. It's also because of the games' “Championship Mode” (I'll go into this mode a little later). From what I have seen, this game is too big for bottles.


The Controls:  Now if you played the last Fight Night, you know how bad the controls were and how you just wanted to take a drive up to Canada and punch each and every EA staff member in the neck. In Fight Night Champion, you won't have to waste your time or gas doing so. The new controls combine both the buttons and analog stick. The buttons are the simple punches and jabs, while the analog stick is used to land harder punches. Note, however, that overusing it will make you tired faster.

Championship mode: When I first saw the trailer for Championship Mode, I thought I was watching a movie. Only when I saw the EA logo, did I realize this wasn’t a movie but instead a trailer for championship mode. In the story you are a boxer trying to make it in in the brutal, dirty world of boxing.  Im not going to go anymore into it because from what I saw it is a big joy to watch.

Legendary & Online modes: In Legendary mode you create your own boxer and start in the amateur ranks, and fight your way to the top. Sounds easy, right? Think again. You also have to manage yourself in and out of the ring. This means if you get hurt, that injury could stay for a day, week, month, or even your career. Taking care of yourself out of the ring is very important. In online mode, there will be a ranking system where you can see who is the champ of the world. If you wanna see who is the champ between your friends, you can make your own league and fight it online.

And finally, the real reason why this game is going to be amazing is because of this.

BOXERS FROM RHODE ISLAND…………FINALLY: There will be two boxers from the Ocean State. Vinny Paz and Peter Manfredo, Jr. Two of the greatest sons of Rhode Island are finally going to be available for the world to see and appreciate.

I hope this has excited you enough to go out there and get this game when it's available on March 1st, 2011.

Comments (4)
  • robert  - larry holmes

    why o why isn't the great larry holmes not on the roaster, very disappointed probably won't be buying this now.

  • Anonymous

    completely agree....ive HATED the fight night games but I got the demo for this and I cannot wait til realease

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