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NBA 2K11, The KING Of Sports Games!!

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Written by Manny Diaz
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There are many, many games released each year, and only a handful are good enough to be considered legendary. The Halo series, the THQ N64 Wrestling series, the Super Mario series, just to name a few.

Well, now we can put a new name on this list. Introducing NBA 2K11.

This game is everything basketball fans have been asking for, and then some! I don’t know where to begin with this game. It really is a great game all around. So I’ll start from the beginning.

It starts off the same as usual. You know, the typical 30 teams displayed, the NBA warning that if you break copyright laws they will have shaq throw you into the moon. You know, things like that.

Then, HOLY SHIT! This game doesn’t play around! The opening is AMAZING! You start off with a little montage of Michael Jordan, then you are in the game (NOT EA). The 1991 NBA Finals starting line up is also AMAZING.

Now lets get to the gameplay. To describe it in one word, the game play is AMAZING!  Gone are the days where you can score 122 points with Kobe, and still lose by 3 to the Clippers. Gone are the days of dumb A.I. doing stupid shit like having Shaq attempt 3 pointers. And most importantly, gone are the days of the Charlotte Bobcats selling out EVERY game (including games against the Clippers).

Sorry if I'm picking on the Clippers a lot. It's just that their losing skills are AMAZING!

New animation makes this game look like no other basketball game you have ever played. They actually brought in the producers from NBA on TNT to help with the broadcast presentation of the game. Now it looks and feels more like an actual TV broadcast than it does a game. Things like players walking off the bus at the beginning of the game, promos for future games, and even the way the Player of the Game is presented makes this game feel like you're watching the NBA on TNT, and not playing it.


The create a character hasn’t really changed. My problem with this is that I wear glasses and I cant make my custom character wear any at all.

Another feature is the Create-A-Team, but no one ever really uses it, so let's move on. My Player is great. It has one interesting new feature in that you can now interact in post game interviews.

My favorite thing about this game is the attention to detail they game to the arenas. I love this. It is AMAZING! Every arena is different. Gone are the days where every arena sounded the same. The Boston Garden has the organ,  MSG (Not the stuff in Chinese food, Madison Square Garden) has the old horn, and the Pepsi Center has that weird buzzer that sounds like a transformer on drugs.

If I had to describe this game best to my knowledge, I’d say it is virtual crack. This is a great game that has some flaws (create a team, create a character hasn’t changed from last year, Chris Kaman isn’t balding), but these are things that don't actually ruin the game. So get out there and buy this game! It is AMAZING!!!  

If you are wondering why I am saying AMAZING so many times , it is because the NBA is where AMAZING happens!


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