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Twisted Metal Retrospective - Mr. Grimm

Retrospectives - Multi Platform

Written by Eric Dionne
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It's no secret that Mr. Grimm is my all time favorite Twisted Metal character. I mean, my online moniker has Been GrimmTrixX for quite some time, thanks to him. Once upon a time, I was even known as MrGrimm97 on America On-Line. Remember AOL? Yeah, me neither. Guess where I thought of that? Twisted Metal.

But as the years went on, I evolved into the man I am now, GrimmTrixX, and have loved every second of it. Mr Grimm is the most dangerous and badass character in the entire Twisted Metal universe and if you don't agree, well then... you're a communist...

There, I said it. 

Mr. Grimm has always been the fastest character in the Twisted Metal Series. Hell, he was the Grim Reaper himself (with the exception of TM4, Small Brawl, Black, and the upcoming PS3 version releasing February 14th). The guy was even a Captain once! But don't let his lack of armor fool you into thinking he's not amazing. His speed, handling, and devastating special moves will wreak havoc on anyone and everyone in his path.

I was always partial to Mr. Grimm because I was so good at leading my opponents when I shot his special move in Twisted Metal 2 (as a result, I'm awesome with Green Shells in Mario Kart games too!). While everyone picked the large characters like Axel and Minion or other fast characters like Spectre and Grasshopper, they never stood a chance against Mr. Grimm, especially when I controlled him. I'd run circles around people and dominate.

Sure, if they managed hit me I'd take some heavy damage, but the trick is to not get caught and keep your turbo boosts as full as you can. With Mr. Grimm's inclusion in the new game (this time as a gang leader who wants to win the tournament to save his dad in the past with a wish from Calypso), I plan to do the same as I did in Twisted Metal 2.


So let's do a quick run of Mr. Grimm's career, starting with Twisted Metal for PS1. Here Mr. Grimm was some mystery biker with a dangerous attack and unknown motives. You don't find out until the end that he is in fact the Grim Reaper. So if that isn't already an awesome twist to a game, then I don't know what else to say.


He returned in Twisted Metal 2, this time well known as the Grim Reaper, who wants the souls of everyone in the world. This is where I had the most fun with Mr. Grimm. His attack was just so devastating, and also struck fear into your opponents due to its shriek as it flew across the level. The trick is to keep your turbos at the ready to get away when cornered or facing multiple enemies. Use speed to your advantage so you can run circles around someone and catch them off guard due to superior speed and handling.

This is the Mr. Grimm where I have the most fond memories. My first 2 games for PS1 were Twisted Metal 2 and Resident Evil (two series I have loved since). So you can imagine how much time I spent on Twisted Metal 2. I became MrGrimm97 on due to my love for this character and his deadly attacks. Today, I still honor Grimm by being known from here on out as GrimmTrixX, and I am here to stay for a very long time.


So then we move to Twisted metal 3 and Twisted Metal: Head-On. He's still the Reaper, still has amazing speed and powerful attacks, and still has weak armor. Same old story as before, nothing to see here.

Well, except for the fact that if he won in Head-On, he wanted Calypso to make someone else be the Grim Reaper, because he doesn't want the job anymore. This saddened me as it made him look kind of weak, but then again I never really played much of Head-On, so I could care less. Twisted Metal 2 is still where it's at, even today, for me at least.


Now when Twisted Metal 4 came around, I was initially very mad. You see, Twisted Metal 4 was just insane. Calypso lost his power and Sweet Tooth became the leader of the tournament. Already, you knew something crazy was going to happen in this game. So the Grim Reaper himself became a skeleton pirate named Captain Grimm... Let me say that again... he's a pirate... wow.

When I saw this, I couldn't believe it. While Twisted Metal 4 played way better than the atrocity that was Twisted Metal 3, to ruin my all time favorite character (and an iconic one at that) in this series was just off-the-wall insane. Also, In Small Brawl he was some kid obsessed with Halloween... which was a nice twist due to the idea that the game is full of kids battling, but I never got to play much of this game, either. Most of my hours were spent with Twisted Metal 1, 2, and Black.


And now we get into one of the best games in the series, Twisted Metal: Black. This game was a reboot of the series (as the new one seems to be similar in that respect). Here, Mr. Grimm is a grizzled war veteran with post traumatic stress disorder and cannibalistic tendencies. This game was so dark and brooding for Mr. Grimm and other characters, definitely the darkest of the series.

To top it all off, every competitor is an escaped mental patient. Yep... Let's give a bunch of maniacs vehicles and let them kill each other... On second thought... Anyway, this version of Mr. Grimm is my favorite, due to the fact that Black ditched any supernatural stories and made them more real-world.


All the competitors are just mentally ill human beings (except Calypso, who could still grant wishes. He looked like the love child of WWE superstar Kane without his mask and Sloth from The Goonies). I take nothing away from TM2 Grimm, but I enjoy real world versions of games/shows/movies that initially had supernatural overtones.


Lastly, we have the new Mr. Grimm for the year 2012. He is now just a human being avenging his father's death. He still has great speed and a super powered weapon, so I think I'll do alright in this iteration of the franchise. I find it interesting that you can put different drivers in different cars it seems, so while that could have potential for insanity, I'll stick with my motorcycle and devastating special attack.

If speed and power isn't your thing, then so be it. Maybe you prefer cars with tank-like armor but slow handling and speed, and I can't knock you for what you enjoy. All I say is you should give good old Grimm a chance. He's done right by me both in name and gameplay and will continue to do so.

So if you're playing online, and you see me, GrimmTrixX, riding a motorcycle and throwing specials at people, watch out, because you may be next. Feel free to chat it up with me about Mr. Grimm or Twisted Metal in general in the comments or add me on twitter, PSN, and Xbox live under the name GrimmTrixX.

My name is GrimmTrixX, and I look forward to facing against all of you in Twisted Metal!

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