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Last month at E3, Irrational Games and 2K completely blew us all away with the behind-closed-doors presentation of Bioshock Infinite (read our impressions here). Everything in the game, from the amazing art style to the unbelievably scary Songbird character, just left everyone with their jaws unhinged.

Now, you too can become snakelike in amazement! on GTTV last night, Ken Levine revealed the demo to the public for the first time. Of course, Gametrailers eventually put it up on their site, and of course, we've embedded it here. Read on to watch the wondrous BioShock Infinite E3 2011 demonstration.

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Well, it certainly has been forever. Duke Nukem Forever was originally supposed to ship in 1998, but due to mismanagement, lawsuits, and quite a few game engine changes, the game became a running joke. Most gamers considered it dead, until last year at PAX Prime where Gearbox Software announced that they had purchased the rights to the DNF name, and would be polishing it up for release. The hype train quickly gained steam as more and more fans realised that soon they could once again step into the shoes of Duke Nukem himself. Could DNF possibly live up to the hype, or is it doomed to fail?

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At E3 2010, 2K Marin unveiled it's latest labor of love. Fresh off of Bioshock 2, the team was given the reigns of another beloved, albeit older franchise in the form of XCOM. Fans were... not happy. What they saw amounted to nothing more than a generic first person shooter (the original was an isometric strategy game) based on aliens invading America circa 1962.

So the team went dark, and completely retooled the game mechanics. This year at E3 2011, XCOM is back, and in much, much better form.

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Last week Duke Nukem Forever went Gold, and now we have an official launch trailer to get us ready. Gearbox has stayed true to their word, and after 13 years Duke Nukem Forever is actually coming out!

The trailer gives you a glimpse into the fun you'll have while kicking alien invader ass with an arsenal of weapons worthy to only Duke himself. Check out the trailer after the break.

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Duke is back with another behind the scenes look at the History of Duke Nukem. This time, they enter the Realm of 3D! 

It's still a little tame for what you'd expect from a game were you can shot monsters while enjoying a stripper, but it gives you an interesting look at the history of one of the most loved/hated games of its time. So check it out after the break.

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Duke Nukem Forever is a little over a month away (Hard to believe huh?), and to celebrate, here are some hot Duke on Duke multiplayer screenshots. Duke is bringing some toys, jet packs, shrink rays ...mmmm. This is gonna be fun. Oh...It's Duke fighting Duke deathmatch, well that's cool too. Hit the break to take a look.

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It's no secret that Duke Nukem has a thing for the ladies - they've been a part of almost every outing he's had. Duke Nukem Forever is no different, and this trailer proves just that. Despite being less than a minute long, you'll see topless chicks (censored, of course), cat-eared chicks, twins, and even some glory hole action.

Hit the jump to see for yourself.


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Gearbox has released a behind the scenes video series for Duke Nukem Forever. The first episode brings us back to the early day of Duke when he was a simple child side scroller. The video has some interesting fun facts for you Duke fans out there. While the video as a whole is in neat and informative, it just seems a bit tame for Duke Nukem. Anyways check it out after the jump. 

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Many were skeptical when they heard that Duke Nukem Forever was coming out May 3rd, 2011, but Gearbox assured us all that it was true. On May 3rd, we could all jump back into the large shoes of Duke Nukem! And they lied to us! It's an outrage I say! I'm so mad, I could write a very angry letter letting them know just how angry I am! Ok, so I'm not that mad, mainly because it's probably the shortest delay in Duke Nukem Forever's long and storied history.

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The Darkness is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated FPS experiences on this generation of consoles. It wasn't about mindlessly running and gunning, and featured a small but open rendition of a real, living city. The story was great, and the overall experience, while bogged down by one or two segments, was an absolute blast.

I caught up with Project Manager Sheldon Carter to discuss The Darkness II, and what we can expect to see when it releases later this year. I also got an in-game presentation from the leads of the development team, and I was floored with everything I saw.

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