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Apple's iOS devices have been getting a lot of attention lately from some big names in gaming. Late last year, there was a lot of anticipation as id Software released Mutant Bash TV and Epic Games released Infinity Blade. While both of these games looked great, Mutant Bash TV reminded us that it still comes down to the gameplay. Regardless, it still seemed like the iOS was missing one major element: Story.

It seems like EA Mobile, a long time player in the App store, was preparing to fill that spot with Dead Space for the iOS. Did they pull it off? Or, do the user's of Apple's iOS have to continue to wait for a true console-class game?

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Here's some news for all you Mac boys and girls, myself included. Today, Apple launched the Mac App Store for...well Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The Mac App Store operates similiarly to the iOS App Store we all know and love, including the fact that Angry Birds is the number one paid app. 

While the Mac App Store is nowhere as large as its mobile counterpart it does boast a healthy amount of apps considering that it's day one. Don't worry if you're afraid that this means you can no longer download non-Apple controlled apps, because this is not replacing the traditional installer. 

So if you have a Mac running Snow Leopard, just head on over to your friendly "Software Update" button and update to 10.6.6.

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