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Dead Space


Apple's iOS devices have been getting a lot of attention lately from some big names in gaming. Late last year, there was a lot of anticipation as id Software released Mutant Bash TV and Epic Games released Infinity Blade. While both of these games looked great, Mutant Bash TV reminded us that it still comes down to the gameplay. Regardless, it still seemed like the iOS was missing one major element: Story.

It seems like EA Mobile, a long time player in the App store, was preparing to fill that spot with Dead Space for the iOS. Did they pull it off? Or, do the user's of Apple's iOS have to continue to wait for a true console-class game?

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Dead Space 2 hit US retail stores today, and Glitchy Tasty braved the ferocious weather to pick up the collector's edition. 

Of course, we had to make an unboxing video! Hit the jump for a picture gallery and details.

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