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E3 2011


Last month at E3, Irrational Games and 2K completely blew us all away with the behind-closed-doors presentation of Bioshock Infinite (read our impressions here). Everything in the game, from the amazing art style to the unbelievably scary Songbird character, just left everyone with their jaws unhinged.

Now, you too can become snakelike in amazement! on GTTV last night, Ken Levine revealed the demo to the public for the first time. Of course, Gametrailers eventually put it up on their site, and of course, we've embedded it here. Read on to watch the wondrous BioShock Infinite E3 2011 demonstration.

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Despite being about nine months away from launch, I still have a hard time coming up with things to say about Mass Effect 3. It’s reached such a high level of anticipation, such a high quantity of pure WANT, that I simply cannot prepare any reader or audience with a preface that does more than simply repeat just how incredible this game looks.

However, I can prepare the reader by saying that the demonstration at this year’s E3 was so utterly fantastic, so incredibly epic, that they should expect a truly emotional experience when the game falls in their hands come March. Mass Effect 3 is going to show what is at stake, and just how much is already lost at the hands of the Reapers. This is the fight for your very existence, and it’s going to hurt.

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Of all the games at E3, I'll admit that Prey 2 was near the very bottom of my expectations list prior to the event. Having nothing to go on but CG trailers and magazine covers that totally felt out of place in comparison to the original Prey, I assumed the latest entry in the series to be more in line with the generic, faceless shooters that get dished out on a monthly basis.

Oh, how wrong and stupid I was to assume that. Not only is Prey 2 absolutely stunning, but it has more to do with the original than you might think, while maintaining a completely unique feel, even from other shooters.

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Mass Effect 3 was pretty much the best thing at EA's booth during E3 2011. While it doesn't give too much away, this trailer shows off some of Commander Shepard's new moves and abilities, as well as the Reaper invasion of Earth. Check  the trailer out below:

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E3 has been a crazy, wild week. We got to see highly anticipated titles like Bioshock Infinite, along with pleasant surprises like Halo Anniversary and Aliens: Colonial Marines. But what titles were we most impressed with?

We went into E3 2011 is a slightly different approach than other sites. Instead of going with bland terms like "Best of Show" or "Best Call of Duty game", we decided to use the ever-popular theme of high school superlatives. Yep.

So who won Class Clown at E3? Who was Most Likely To Be A Millionaire? And what exactly does that mean? Find out here, in the first annual Glitchy Tasty E3 Superlative Awards!

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When the PS Vita was first unveiled back in January this year (under the name NGP), it boasted some impressive features and titles. But many were left wondering if Sony could compete with the Nintendo 3DS. Since then, a lot has changed: the 3DS came to the market with a weak launch, which leaves Sony in a prime spot. At E3, Sony showed they are ready to declare all out war on the 3DS, by aggressively marketing the PS Vita at just $249 for the Wi-Fi only model, and $299 for the WiFi and 3G model.

Now with the current rumor that the titles will retail for $39.99, matching most 3DS titles, it seems likely that there will be no stopping the PS Vita when it launches. That is, of course, if its capabilities really live up to the hype.

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One of the biggest draws to the Wii U isn't just the console's graphical power, but how it can be used especially for some of Nintendo's best franchises. While Nintendo hasn't officially announced a new Zelda game for the Wii U, they did use their star errand boy to show off the capabilities and possible features of the system.

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On the first day of E3 2011, Nintendo stole the show with the announcement of the Wii U. We had a chance to see what the capabilities of this new console where firsthand. The Japanese Garden Tech Demo really shows that this console is capable of amazing visuals beyond what is available with the current generation. It's good to see Nintendo back in the graphics business.

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At E3 2010, 2K Marin unveiled it's latest labor of love. Fresh off of Bioshock 2, the team was given the reigns of another beloved, albeit older franchise in the form of XCOM. Fans were... not happy. What they saw amounted to nothing more than a generic first person shooter (the original was an isometric strategy game) based on aliens invading America circa 1962.

So the team went dark, and completely retooled the game mechanics. This year at E3 2011, XCOM is back, and in much, much better form.

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On Monday, Sony opened up their press conference with what is always a crowd pleaser, Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog's Co-Presidents Even Wells and Christophe Balestra took the stage to show off a new demo of Uncharted 3.

Afterwards, they announced a multiplayer beta launching June 28th, and an exlusive deal though Subway Resturaunts to gain early acces to the full multiplayer component of the game.

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