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GDC 11


One of the biggest crowd drawers at GDC last week was the Epic Games both where Cliffy B and Co where showing off what they believe the next gen of gaming graphics should look like. Well almost a week later Epic Games has finally lifted it's embargo on the "Samaritan" demo allowing the general public to drool see it.

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Well the Game Developer Conference Week has come and gone, and while we did get some interesting news, it is still apparent that GDC is no E3. Regardless, here is what happened this week. Valve announced that it will be launching some sort of service to stream PC games to your TV. Gameloft announced it will be developing no less than four Unreal Engine games for multi-platform including mobile. Panasonic aborted their "Jungle" handheld, while Apple introduced the iPad 2 with up to 9X the graphic performance. We also got to see some amazing new footage of Battlefield 3, and finally got all the warm and chewy details on the Gears 3 beta. Don't forget there's only four days left to enter our Homefront Giveaway!  

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The war for FPS dominance rages on, as we look at the numerous upcoming releases. While many have been expecting great things from DICE's Battlefield 3, we never really expected it to have the best graphics we've ever seen in an FPS... or any game, really. The trailer is all in-game footage.

The lighting, texturing, and detail make this the best looking game I've seen so far; you can even see the stitching on their uniforms! It even gives Crysis a run for its money. It should be noted however, that this is from the PC build, so we may not see this level of detail on consoles. Hell, you might need a beast of a PC to run it as well. All I'm saying is that we might be hearing, "But can it run Battlefield 3?" thrown around soon. Watch the trailer and see some screenshots after the jump.

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2011 is a great time for the FPS genre. After nearly drowning in all-too-serious military games and brain-dead cannon fodder, there is finally a renaissance of sorts with the release of three FUN-focused titles (Remember fun? It's that thing that should come first in game design? No? Nevermind, then). Last week saw the release of Bulletstorm, May sees the return of the King with Duke Nukem Forever, and this summer, Serious Sam 3: BFE will be released for PC and consoles. No word yet on what BFE actually stands for.

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Gameloft has just announced that they have entered into a long-term multiplatform agreement with Epic Games to use the Unreal Engine 3 for upcoming projects. Currently, Gameloft is working on four games using the Unreal Developer Kit, with two scheduled for release in 2011, and two in 2012. No word is given on what these titles will be, but the press release does state that they are developing for iOS, Android, PSN, and Set-top boxes.

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This week kicks off the 2011 Game developers Conference out in San Fran, and Valve has already dropped a bomb.

The developer has announce plans to update it's popular Steam service with a feature called "Big Picture" mode. This mode will allow the incredibly large library of games to work on your TV via support of an unspecified "controller".

But, what does this mean for the cloud-computing service OnLive and it's TV-playback device?

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