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The Darkness is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated FPS experiences on this generation of consoles. It wasn't about mindlessly running and gunning, and featured a small but open rendition of a real, living city. The story was great, and the overall experience, while bogged down by one or two segments, was an absolute blast.

I caught up with Project Manager Sheldon Carter to discuss The Darkness II, and what we can expect to see when it releases later this year. I also got an in-game presentation from the leads of the development team, and I was floored with everything I saw.

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Ever since its announcement, Portal 2 has been a show stealer and PAX East was no different. Everyday, the line for Valve's Portal 2 booth was among the longest. So naturally it was our duty, nay, privilege to cover it for you. Portal 2 did not disappoint. Valve even had a nice little surprise waiting for us, with a new character named Cave Johnson. More on that in our Portal 2 PAX East 2011 Extravaganza!

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The first thing I did when I got to PAX East this weekend (other than waiting in line for 45 minutes to get my Press Badge) was run over the the Homefront booth and play the first 10 minutes of the game, and it was everything I wanted it to be. But, more on that later. 

The second thing I did was hunt down Homefront Community Manager Jeremy Greiner for an interview about the game. Hit the Jump to check it out.

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While at Nintendo's 3DS Preview Event, Jayce was able to track down and interview Ryan McDougall, the Product Manager for Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

While chatting with Mr. McDougall, Jayce was able to confirm that The Mercenaries 3D will launch sometime this summer and will feature online and local co-op play. For all the details, check out the full interview below.

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The recent Nintendo 3DS event is truly a gift that keeps on giving. We got to have a sit down with Gaming Research Analyst and GameTrailers regular Michael Pachter to discuss the 3DS pricing, mythological Sony handhelds, and much more.

Also, he's a much cooler person in real life than you'd expect. Before the camera was rolling we talked about Fallout 3 glitches and everything. Good times.

The interview video posted below!

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As many know, Sony has taken aim at the iOS in one of its "Marcus" PSP ads. In the ad they use the name Lame Castle to poke fun at the iOS's game market. Well, the indie developer Be-Rad Entertainment turned the joke on them when they released Lame Castle as an iOS and Android game. Jayce Diaz, Glitchy Tasty's Managing Editor recently had an interview with Brad Johnson, creator of Lame Castle and Be-Rad Entertainment to talk about how the game came to be, his take on mobile development and what's next for Lame Castle and B-rad Entertainment. Hint: Lame Castle Free should hit the App Store tomorrow.

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Recently, we had the privilege to interview the Design Director of Big Sandwich Games, Tyler Sigman. Earlier this month, Big Sandwich released the incredibly fun PSN game Hoard, which released to positive scores all around (we gave it an 80/100).

Read on to find out info like DLC, cut material, a new game, and why you won't see this baby on Xbox Live.

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In an interview with Games Industry, Alex Kipman, the man behind Kinect, stated that we will soon see hybrid games that use both the Kinect Sensor and the traditional controller. "We'll continue to have controller-only games. We love controller-free games, we love Kinect experiences and we'll continue to grow our set of those as well. What we haven't really talked about, but exist, are hybrid games,".

Kipman also stated that the controller is the "...greatest single barrier between the consumer and gaming." which if you have ever watched your parents try to play a video game you'll agree with. (Unless you have super hip parents). 

One thing not mentioned is that one such game is coming out soon. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is going to use a traditional controller for gameplay but also use the Kinect Sensor for certain puzzles.

Kipman: Hybrid control games on the way to Xbox 360 (Games Industry)

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