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This week sees Sony putting their foot in their mouths yet again, and ultra-popular "phone" game Angry Birds heads to the PSP and PS3.

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Hello everyone in Glitchy Tasty Land! It is time for me to make my predictions in 2011, so here I go. These are my five predictions that won't happen, but I wish did.

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As many know, Sony has taken aim at the iOS in one of its "Marcus" PSP ads. In the ad they use the name Lame Castle to poke fun at the iOS's game market. Well, the indie developer Be-Rad Entertainment turned the joke on them when they released Lame Castle as an iOS and Android game. Jayce Diaz, Glitchy Tasty's Managing Editor recently had an interview with Brad Johnson, creator of Lame Castle and Be-Rad Entertainment to talk about how the game came to be, his take on mobile development and what's next for Lame Castle and B-rad Entertainment. Hint: Lame Castle Free should hit the App Store tomorrow.

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You guys remember how Sony thought they were all so clever with their Marcus PSP ads, especially the Lame Castle one? Well, it turns out somebody out-clevered Sony. Developer Bradley Johnson has actually gone and created Lame Castle for the iOS. 

Lame Castle is available now for $.99. The premise of the game is simple; you're a knight on your "horse", and you must ride to the castle. Along the way, you must jump over objects and punt chickens. While it's not much, its a fun pick-up and play title, and it's a lot cheaper than anything you'd find on PSP-minis.

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