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Last night, Sony held a somewhat bizarre press conference in Japan to unveil the sucessor to the PSP, codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable). If you were one of the crazy ones (like us) who stood up way past their bedtime, you read all about the nifty new screen, pretty graphics, and touch screens. Yeah, TWO touch screens.

Here are the official facts and images, direct from Sony themselves.

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Hey everyone. This is just a Public Service Announcement. Sony will be unveiling their totally-a-surprise game system that NOBODY saw coming. At around 3:00 P.M. Japan Time, (That's 1am EST) the PlayStation factory is set to detail the PSP2 in all it's glory. Stick around for that :-)

(Update) Kotaku is at the event and Live blogging. Here is the link.

Live-Blogging Sony's PSP2 Press Event (Kotaku)

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Any Android user can tell you that one of the pros (and cons) of their mobile OS of choice is the freedom of what apps are available. From simple gadgets to useless and potentially harmful applications, the Android Marketplace has pretty much seen it all. It's nothing new. Even emulators for older consoles are established items for purchase.

This is probably why I'm so disappointed in the "professional" reaction that this video got.

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At this point, Sony should just save themselves the embarrassment and announce the PlayStation Phone. YouTuber xxmajstor posted two videos of the Sony Ericsson ZEUS - Z1, more commonly known as the PlayStation Phone. At first, it looks like a regular Android Phone until he slides it open to review a very PSPGo-like controller, with an elongated touch pad instead of analog sticks. While we've seen pictures of this before, it is nice to see it in video form. 

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Sony admitted via the PlayStation.Blog that they inadvertently released an incomplete version of the "Hunting and Trading" DLC for Red Dead Redemption, because apparently the game wasn't glitchy enough, (See Gun Slinger Dog).

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