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Apple just wrapped up their iPad 2 event, and what they announced is very exciting. First of all, they've redesigned the iPad to be thinner and lighter. It now features front and rear cameras for Facetime and HD video recording. Just like before, there is both a WiFi-only model and a WiFi + 3G model, but what is new is that the WiFi + 3G is availible for both AT&T and Verizon. Another big feature is the addition of mirrored video out through an HDMI adapter that works with all Apps (read; games), and supports full 1080P.

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Telltale Games has finally released a trailer for the first episode of their Back to the Future series. Unfortunately, they did it through Gametrailers, nothing personal against Gametrailers, its just that their embed code sucks. So click read more for more info and to see the trailer.

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If there is one thing iOS gaming doesn't have it is definitely not zombie shooters, although that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Adding to this is the announcement that Capcom is bringing Dead Rising to the platform by holiday.

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