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Infinity Blade is already the fastest grossing App in the App Store history making 1.6 million in ten days, and it looks like ChAIR Entertainment plans on keeping that growth going. They plan to release a free update next week which will add in five new weapons, five new shields, five new helmets, and a nice shiny new set of armor which will raise the level cap to 45. All this and a new enemy called "Marrow Fiend". No word yet if he eats your bone marrow.

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This is big news.

Epic is all set to release an update to their wildly popular Unreal Engine that will allow iOS support (iPhone, iPad, etc.). In other words, a lot of pretty games will be coming to the iPhone relatively soon. How soon? the support goes live tomorrow.

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Gameloft has been pretty tight-lipped about all the details for N.O.V.A. 2 for the iOS. Well, tight-lipped as in it seemed like it was still in early development. But it's not; its coming out this Thursday. Yes, Gameloft announced that N.O.V.A. 2, will be released December 16th. 

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At this point, Sony should just save themselves the embarrassment and announce the PlayStation Phone. YouTuber xxmajstor posted two videos of the Sony Ericsson ZEUS - Z1, more commonly known as the PlayStation Phone. At first, it looks like a regular Android Phone until he slides it open to review a very PSPGo-like controller, with an elongated touch pad instead of analog sticks. While we've seen pictures of this before, it is nice to see it in video form. 

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Telltale Games has finally released a trailer for the first episode of their Back to the Future series. Unfortunately, they did it through Gametrailers, nothing personal against Gametrailers, its just that their embed code sucks. So click read more for more info and to see the trailer.

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You guys remember how Sony thought they were all so clever with their Marcus PSP ads, especially the Lame Castle one? Well, it turns out somebody out-clevered Sony. Developer Bradley Johnson has actually gone and created Lame Castle for the iOS. 

Lame Castle is available now for $.99. The premise of the game is simple; you're a knight on your "horse", and you must ride to the castle. Along the way, you must jump over objects and punt chickens. While it's not much, its a fun pick-up and play title, and it's a lot cheaper than anything you'd find on PSP-minis.

iTunes Link

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Chair Entertainment, a division of Epic Games, has finally announced the release details for their upcoming iOS game Infinity Blade. The RPG will be released on December 9th for $5.99, not a bad price considering that the game looks amazing. Let's just hope it plays that way too. But seeing how Chair was behind Shadow Complex, I think we're safe. Chair Entertainment has also released a new set of screenshots to go along with this announcement.

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Since QuakeCon in August, iOS gamers (including myself) have been waiting patiently for id's Rage: Mutant Bash TV to make its way to the platform. id fulfilled their promise around 11pm last night, and now the rail shooter is in the App Store under the name Rage and Rage HD

Both versions require iOS 3.2, and will probably run best on an iPhone 3GS or 3rd Gen iPod Touch or higher. Rage weighs in at 537MB for $.99 while Rage HD is 743MB at $1.99. Both versions will run on any of the above devices but if you have a iPhone 4, 4th Gen iPod Touch, or an iPad, I highly recommend the HD version.

App Store link: RageRage HD

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Earlier this month we posted about how the upcoming iOS game Mutant Bash TV is now a rail shooter, and got some nice screenshots. Well now, IGN has posted a video preview showing off some gameplay footage. While I do really wish this was more than just a rail shooter, it does definitely look fun.

IGN is also reporting that Mutant Bash TV will support video out via the dock connector to VGA cable. 

Mutant Bash TV will be out later this month for $.99 for older, non-Retina Display devices and $1.99 for the Retina and iPad versions. For that price, you can't really complain.

Be the Next Contestant on Rage: Mutant Bash TV (IGN)

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iOS gaming blog Touch Arcade has in exclusive hand-on preview of id's iOS game Mutant Bash TV. If you remember, id showed of an impressive demo of the id Tech 5 running on the iOS. Since then, it has been mistaken that id would be bringing the full Rage game to the platform. 

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