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Microsoft And Motorola Go Head To Head... In Court!

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As of Tuesday, Microsoft is officially suing Motorola. A small squabble over royalties leads both companies head to head over Wi-Fi services.

This isn’t the first time that they've sued Motorola, but this time they may have a real case on their hands. According to the Los Angeles Times, the house of Xbox claims that Motorola is violating several Microsoft trade patents. Motorola and Microsoft had an agreement earlier this year that allowed Motorola to collect royalties from the use of Wi-Fi frequencies on the Xbox. A statement left by Microsoft says Motorolla wanted, "royalty payments that are wholly disproportionate to the royalty rate that its patents should command under any reasonable calculus."

Basically, the phone market is booming more than ever and Microsoft has planned to enter the war with their new OS on it. Surely, Microsoft plans on using these Wi-Fi frequencies on their phones but if they drop Wi-Fi over this case many people will end up disappointed. Besides the possibility of dropping Wi-Fi from Windows phones, new Xbox console releases might not have Wi-Fi. Even if they still have Wi-Fi on both, there will be a limited range of frequency available.

In Microsoft’s battles against Apple and Google earlier this year, Microsoft ceded against them. Maybe this is the last go round by Microsoft, but nonetheless they are determined. From what I can tell, Motorola has done nothing wrong but then again I personally have no idea how much the royalties are. Honestly Microsoft, we know you have a ton of money and your partners realize this, too. Maybe it is time to pay up? Or is it......

Microsoft Sues Motorola, Again (LA Times)

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