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Manny Goes To The NIS America Media Conference

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Written by Manny Diaz
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Hello, everyone at Glitchy Tasty. I just got back from the NIS America Press Conference and I have a lot to talk about, so why don’t I start from the beginning?

The Event was held at the Hungry Bear Pub in San Francisco. I walk in and what do I see? A bunch of yuppies and NO gamers in sight!

"Oh noes!", I thought. "Did I get the days mixed up? Am I at the wrong place?"

As I stood there, some lady walked up to me. She looked pissed.

"Can I help you?"

The way she said this made me feel like I didn’t belong in the same galaxy as her.

"Is this the NIS America Conference?" I asked in a scared voice. She stared at me as if she was Magneto, and wanted to destroy me. All of a sudden, she smiled and said,

"Oh yeah, that. Just go upstairs."

As I walked up the stairs, I was greated by the NIS America crew. As I looked around I noticed I was the only person there. I am not kidding you, I was literally the first one. This was good, because I could play the preview game a lot longer. The game was Ar Tonelico Qoga for the PS3, and man-oh-man was this game interesting. Let me start by explaining the plot. In this game, there are 3 towers that emit music that keep peace on the planet. Sadly, one of these towers was destroyed, killing all the people around. The people living near the other two towers have no idea that the people in the other tower aren't alive, or what the cause is for all this mayhem. After the traditionally long RPG cut scene, you start off in a bedroom. Right off the bat I noticed something good and bad. The good thing was the graphics. They were the best in the Ar Tomelico series.  The bad thing I noticed was the awkward walking animation. Now I know this is the demo and that all this stuff is usually cleaned up before the game is released, but still it is something to point out. So I walk out of the room, and what do you think happens? A battle happens, that's what. This however, is where the game starts to get odd. Before the battle there is a cut scene. The cut scenes in this game have decent voice acting... and who are you about to battle?  A male version of Chung Li. He makes his presence felt by saying the best quote ever. I had to take a screenshot of the line so you can see both the quote and what this San Francisco version of Chung Li looks like.


The battle controls are pretty solid. It isn’t a standstill Final Fantasy-style battle, so for me this made it good. After the battle It went right back into a cut scene, and man was this an interesting one. It shows the guy/girl thing (BTW I am calling him/her this because its name isn’t revealed) beat up. Two girls then rush to his/her aid but there was something that caught my eye. They were in their bra and panties! I was later told that on this planet, males are effected by this (I think men on this planet are also effected by girls in bra and panties). This is as far as I got. I was able to interview one of the producers who told me that this was the final chapter of the game, and that it will be available March 1st, 2011.

After the interview, I was able to mingle with other people representing the video game industry. After about 45 minutes, it was time to eat. Normally, this is one of the best times of a press event, but unfortunately for me it was a nightmare. It was a seafood dinner, and I'm allergic to seafood. So instead of eating, I had a liquid dinner of Red Bull and water.

After dinner, it was time for the big announcement, and it was a HUGE one. NIS America officially announced that Cave Story will be on the Nintendo 3DS. It was introduced with a pretty good video, was introduced as Cave Story 3D. It was created by Daisuke Amaya in five years and will be available around the time the 3DS launches. I got to play a quick demo of this game on the 3DS. This also happened to be the first time I used the 3DS.  I must say, the 3DS feels and looks a lot better. I like the layout and how it handles. I'm not really into handheld games, but this made me consider it.

As for Cave Story 3D, I cant really say much. I played and liked it, but it was in the early stages and certain things didn’t make any sense. One example was that you would get stuck in certain places, because the door you are suppose to open wasn’t programmed yet. So I cant give it an accurate preview.

I was able to ask Cave Story creator Daisuke Amaya some quick questions. I asked him if Cave Story 3D would be ported over to Xbox, Wii, or PS3. I was told via translator that this won't happen, nor will he work on anything for any other game for any other platform at this time.


When it was time to go, we were given a media packet. This is usually one of my favorite things about conferences, but there were a few problems. One problem was the fact that the disc I got didn’t work. So whatever was on it, I'll never know. another thing was more of an oddity than a problem. Inside my media pack I got a bag, which had some chocolate. That is good. It also came with a thong. That was odd.

I didn’t know what to do with the thing. Do I wear it? I mean, I was in San Francisco and it could help me fit in more. I was confused. So I decided to do what was best and I put it away for a rainy day. All and all, this was a good conference. I played good games, made good friends, and got a thong.

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