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Home News Industry Crytek Leaks the Existence of Next Xbox and TimeSplitters 4

Crytek Leaks the Existence of Next Xbox and TimeSplitters 4

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According to high level sources at Crytek, Microsoft will be announcing the successor to the Xbox 360 sometime within the next 12 months,though most likely at E3 2012. The new system, which they say is far from the final specs, is designed around DirectX 11, the awesome tech that brought us Epic's Unreal Someritan demo back at GDC. Why did someone at Crytek leak this info? Well, that's the best part (for the Glitchy Tasty crew anyways)! Crytek is hard at work on TimeSplitters 4, which is set to be a flagship launch title for the next Xbox. 

As is reporting, apparently a select few people were shown a behind-closed-doors video of TimeSplitters 4 this past E3, which looked much better than what is currently achievable on the Xbox 360 or PS3. It was also revealed that TimeSplitters 4 will be on the PS4, and possibly even the Wii U. However, no info was given on the PS4, other than Microsoft is planning to try and beat it to the market again. 

Even though the Xbox 360 and PS3 were designed with a ten year life cycle, it is clear that gamers are starting to get a little impatient with how fast PC graphics are outpacing their console of choice, and it looks like Microsoft and Sony are beginning to notice. Let's hope we really do see these consoles before 2015/16.

Xbox 720 'likely' at E3 2012, Crytek on board (

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