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Unboxing the Halo: Reach Legendary Edition

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Written by Eric Dionne
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Finally, the time has come.  Halo: Reach is finally here, and I, the super video game collecting dork that I am, have bought the Legendary edition.  Here you will see 16 sexy pictures of the contents of the box in all of its somewhat cubic glory. Inside is truly is an amazing collection of stuff, especially if you enjoy reading about the Halo universe as much as I do.  So, here's some lovely pictures and captions for your viewing pleasure.

As the box is opened, you see the instructions for piecing together the weapons on a few of the Noble Team members.  On top is a letter from "Cousin" to "Friend" talking about the contents of the box and how it was found out in space.  The coolest thing is that it's dated January of 2610, which is 60+ years AFTER the events of the Halo Trilogy.  This is too awesome because now this Legendary edition is more a time capsule than anything else. Also, on the right is the part tin part cardboard case containing the game and other such goodies.

This is just a cool embossing of the reach logo on the Styrofoam that encases the statue and the game case.  Nice little touch I think.

This is a closer look of the instruction booklet for the statue inside.  It's just a double sided pamphlet. The only assembly is adding weapons to 4 of the 5 Noble team members, most likely because they might break if jostled around.

This is a closer look at the case and the letter that was shown earlier.  It truly makes you feel like this was sent to you from some far off place and time.

Then, we have the case opened up showing the actual game case.  It's similar style to Halo 3's legendary game case in that the case is black and not green. On the right is the outer shell of the case shown earlier.

This is the game instruction manual and CD cover art, as well as the Xbox Live code cards for the Recon helmet and the awesome fire effect for your helmet exclusive to the Legendary edition of the game. A side note: I also got the chest plate exclusive to Gamestop, and it's pretty badass.

This package is under the game case and contains Dr. Halsey's journal, which is the coolest part of this collection in my opinion.  On top is a top secret message about the contents of the package. Below is the symbol on the sticker that closes up the bubble wrapped package

Here it is, the almighty journal.  It seals with a magnet but has a binding on the side giving it a self made look.  The best part is what's inside. As I said earlier, if you enjoy the deeper stories of the Halo universe, then I advise you to find this edition of the game as there's plenty more information inside. I cannot wait to read it all.

Here's another letter that was inside, simply speaking about what you are currently holding and how important this information is to the UNSC.  Below are some loose cards, index cards, and notes that go in a small pouch at the end of the journal.  This truly makes it seem like a real informational journal. You can actually visualize Dr. Halsey writing notes here and there when her journal wasn't present, then throwing them inside to keep it all together.

Here is a page from the journal showing some drawings of Cortana.  This is important because, as most of you know, Cortana was modeled after Dr. Halsey and even originated from her actual brain scans to give Cortana her personality.

This is a UNSC patch and DR. Halsey's lab key card. These were in the pouch in the journal along with the random cards and notes.

This map has notes marked by Dr. Halsey on it. The best thing is that this lets us see some of the geographical areas of Reach.

Now, onto the statue.  This is a shot of the statue before I opened up the plastic bag around it.

The glorious front view of Noble team in all their fully assembled glory.

Last but not least, a quick back view of the statue showing the Noble team insignia.

That is all for now.  I hope you enjoyed these images of what is contained inside the Legendary edition of Halo: Reach. I cannot wait to read Dr. Halsey journal and notes, and of course to play the game.  See you all on Xbox live!

Comments (3)
  • The Last Master

    true true eric. thats probably why i like swat mode. haha. the map is what really piss me off. they could of created something new.

  • GrimmTrixX

    Well that's because almost 5 of the maps ARE rehashes of halo maps, and personally I like that stuff. I played 2 match makings and 2 firefights and I'm already loving this game better than all the others. They weakened melee because it was instant kill before the second the shield was down, it makes it harder which is good. Firefight isnt boring at all, I dont know what game you're playing V, sure isn't the same one I am. Although it could be because I remember you were always more of a COD fan than a Halo fan while I've always been a HAlo fan primarily. Hey, to each his own

  • The Last Master

    sorry guys. i picked up this game and i am somewhat disappointed with the multiplayer.

    does the developer at bungie have no creativity at all. from playing a couple of matches so far, why does alot of the stage look like its a rehash version of previous halo map. melee make no freaking sense at all. example of this, i use the dmr get about 4-5 shots in and melee. wtf? guy does not die, instead he continue shooting me and im the one died. gameplay is the same with the exception of equipment moves(which is ok). fire fight mode is ok but get boring quick. frame rate drops when they is to many enemy on the screen. the only thing good about this game is the scope pistol, swat mode, and maybe the compaign. haven't touch it yet. its usually good.

    i hope i win your giveaway so i can return this pos game and get my money back.

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