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Kinect of War

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With Kinect proving to be a success by selling over 1 million units in 10 days, It seems like now's the time for skeptical game devs to jump on board the Kinect train. 

The latest rumor would bring Kinect into the hearts and small bedrooms of hardcore gamers, according to IGN. The rumor is that a Kinect based, or at least enabled, Gears of War title may be announced at the Spike TV Video Game Awards.

Before you get your panties in a bundle, Epic Games' Design Director, and self-proclaimed "Tony Stark of videogames" Cliff Bleszinski announced via his twitter, "No Kinect in Gears of War 3." However, he didn't say no Kinect Gears, and the internet being what it is, that's all the evidence needed to prove they are making a Kinect Gears (so glad the internet isn't a jury on a murder trial). 

Personally, I want to see Kinect enter the core gamer market, and this may happen with Kinect/Controller hybrids. But I don't see a full Gears game working with just Kinect. Now, an M-rated Gears party game could be awesome. Chainsaw duels with Kinect.

Rumor: Gears of War Coming to Kinect (IGN)

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