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Home News Xbox 360 Rumor - Halo 1 Remake Incoming [UPDATE]

Rumor - Halo 1 Remake Incoming [UPDATE]

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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We'll file this one under, "More Than Likely" and, "Makes Strategic Sense", but scuttlebutt around the industry is that the 2001 smash hit Xbox title Halo (ever hear of it?) is being remade, and it'll release much sooner than you may think.

The rumor stems from the UK-based Games Master Magazine (and posted on CVG), which claims that the remake (NOT AN HD PORT) would likely run on the Reach engine and release sometime in late 2011, ten years after it initally launched back on the original Xbox.

This would make sense, because not only does it give the new Halo devs (343 Industries) a chance to immerse themselves in how Halo works before making something new, but it also serves as a refresher for those of us who haven't recently played (or never played) the original games' campaign, and want to get in on the lore. Knowing Microsoft, it'll probably ship with a beta key of some sort for Halo 4, itself rumored to be due out in late 2012.

[UPDATE] Eurogamer pressed Microsoft on the matter, to which they responded, "Right now our focus is on supporting Halo: Reach. We have nothing to announce at this time."

This is interesting, because almost 100% of the time, Microsoft's policy is to state, "Microsoft does not comment on rumor and speculation", regardless if there is any grounds or not. While this is far from a confirmation, it seems like they are definitely working on something over there.

343 working on Halo 1 remake - Report (CVG)

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