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Splosion Man... Meet Ms. Splosion Man

News - Xbox 360

Written by Jayce Diaz
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Hot off the heels of success that is Comic Jumper, Twisted Pixel has announced their new project. They're officially working on a sequel to a previous game, called Ms. Splosion Man.

2009's Splosion Man was a great original platformer on XBLA that was terribly addicting... unless you tried to play online. Seriously, the netcode must have been written by 3-year olds. However, if you managed to grab a friend and play on the same couch, however, the unusual lag disappeared and the myriad of multiplayer levels were yours for the 'sploding. Ms. Splosion Man looks to retain the silly charm of the original, so here's hoping that we see more soon. No platforms or release date has been announced.

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