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Gears of War Kinect, On Rails?

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It's been rumored for sometime that Epic Games would be putting out a Gears of War title that would use Kinect. It was allegedly going to be announced at the Spike VGA Awards in December, but had to be postponed.

That rumor is back.

Kotaku is now claiming that their sources can confirm its existence, and that a demo has been shown using scenes from Gear of War 2. However this might just be for tech demo purposes. Furthermore their sources point to the new Kinect title will be an on-rails shooter.

Epic Games have also recently trademarked the name Gears of War: Exile which may or may not be related to the rumored Kinect game. Epic Games Lead Designer Cliff Bleszinski tweeted about the article saying "I'd comment on that Kotaku Kinect rumor that just hit, but I can't find the article in their new confounding layout. Oh well!" which is simply a stab at Kotaku's terrible new web design and nothing more.

Gears Of War For Kinect An On-Rails Shooter, Says Source (Kotaku)

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