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A bold, new look; Unboxing the Redesigned Xbox 360

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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It seems nearly every console goes through at least one facelift in its lifetime. All three Playstation units received facelifts at different times during their life cycles. Nintendo has about a million different versions of each handheld it creates. And now, Microsoft can officially join in on the re-inventive fun.

The industry had been abuzz with rumors of a remodeled Xbox 360 for months prior to Microsoft’s official reveal at E3 this past June. Still, pictures or concept art of the design itself were practically non-existent. So when it was finally shown off, the initial response from the audience was one of keen interest. Microsoft was nice enough to send one of those unit our way here at Glitchy Tasty, so we decided to (pretend) share the love and take you with us on the journey that is unboxing a video game console.

Here it is, nice and comfy in its packaging.


Upon opening the very first flap of cardboard, we are greeted and encouraged to "Jump in".

Here’s how it's packed up. Snug as a bug in a rug, or whatever moms say.

The accessories are packed in just under the console.

All unboxed; now to unwrap!


Quite a beauty. Though it isn’t actually much “slimmer” than the previous model, it is shorter and more attractive nonetheless.

Upon a quick inspection, we notice a small slider button. Past that, we see a hard drive bay, with a small 250 GB hard drive inside. We removed the drive for this shot.



The new hard drive is noticeably smaller than its predecessor, and seemed to use a standard SATA connection. We didn’t have another drive to test whether or not it is swappable, though.


As mentioned earlier, the new unit is shorter than the original model. The width and thickness are about the same, though.


The controller is the same are before, though the matte finish seems more noticeable.

The dashboard and functionality of the new system is identical to the previous one, so there’s really no need to talk about that. The new model feels much lighter, and after some time playing, gets slightly hotter than the original. The tradeoff here is that the Slim is much, MUCH quieter. It remains to be seen if this will cause overheating issues down the line. Something else we noticed was that the new touch-sensitive buttons work a little too well. I brushed by the open tray button and an article of clothing gently touched it. Unlike the touch sensors Apple uses in their devices or the ones Sony uses on the PS3, the slim responds to any touch. So thanks to my pants, Ryan's Saint's Row session abruptly ended. This probably won't be a big deal to most people, but it should be something to at least be aware of.

Well, that’s a wrap- er, unwrap. As you can see, the new guy is definitely more attractive than the previous unit, and actually comes Kinect-ready (original units will work with Kinect too, though there it requires another plug). Thanks for going on this wondrous adventure with us!


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