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Sony Accidentally Killzone 3 Preview Code.

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Sony loves secrets. They love them so much, that they want to share them with everybody.

This must be true, cause I can't think of any other reason as to why they leak so much info. Their latest leak comes in the form of Killzone 3 preview codes that where sent to the wrong people. 


So far we have learned two interesting tidbits of information. The first comes from Nicagamerz. They shared the above screenshot which pretty much confirms split screen (and obviously online) co-op, which has been missing from previous titles. This piques my interest as I love co-op games, I find that I get less frustrated and enjoy a game more when playing with a buddy.

The next tidbit we've learned through Sony's, eh....surprise is a little more on the giant robot side of things. In other words...It's a giant robot. This ten minute long off-screen gameplay footage shows off a pretty epic looking boss battle in which you fight a giant robot, courtasy of YouTuber DeathRoadQ8.

While I'm blown by the absolute scale of this (once again it is a giant robot), I'm a little disappointed in the gameplay. It looks like you can probably beat the thing from the little shack that the player keeps hiding in. I would prefer it if the game forced you to move around. Plus, the game has jetpacks, so why not let us use those? Well, this only shows a portion of the gameplay so maybe I'm being too critical. Either way, the addition of Co-op has gotten me much more interested in Killzone 3. Let's wait see what else will come from this epic leak.

KILLZONE 3 SPLITSCREEN CONFIRMED? (Nicagamerz via Google Translate)
10 Minutes of Killzone 3 Campaign - The MAWLR (DeathRoadQ8 Youtube)

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