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PSP Games Being Ported To PS3; Starts With Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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There is no argument that the PSP was home to a decent library of underdog titles and amazing gameplay experiences. There is also no argument in saying that the PSP is a sinking ship.

That said, Sony has saw fit to rescue some of the booty from their plummeting portable vessel, and transfer it over to the PS3. Called the PlayStation Portable Remaster Series, a select list of PSP games will get an HD face-lift before crossing over to the land of stationary consoles.

First on the list: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.


According to Kotaku, these will be more than simple ports of the original game. For starters, many titles will include additional content not found in the portable version. Additionally, the PS3 versions will support multiplayer via the ad-hoc mode of the PSP (and I assume online multiplayer via PSN, though Kotaku failed to mention that). Game saves will also work between the PSP and PS3 for these titles, so you can transfer your existing saves back and forth and they should work just fine.

It should be noted that none of this information has been confirmed outside of Japan. However, I'd imagine that if North American and European releases are planned, it'll be announced at Sony's E3 press conference in a few weeks.

Let's hope this means we can finally play a home version of Daxter. Oh, and I guess Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Crisis Core as well.

PSP games coming to PS3 with HD visuals, extra content (Kotaku)

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