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Angry Birds Coming To PSP, PS3

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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This week sees Sony putting their foot in their mouths yet again, and ultra-popular "phone" game Angry Birds heads to the PSP and PS3.


This comes only months after Sony launched an ad campaign more or less mocking phone-based gaming, claiming that "real" gamers wouldn't waste their time on such small titles. To quote the most annoying ad clown Sony has devised (Marcus), "THAT AIN'T BUILT FOR BIG BOY GAMES!"

Seriously though, it's good to see Sony finally embrace titles like Angry Birds for their PlayStation Minis market, an aspect of the PlayStation Network that has been sorely lacking in... Well, everything. While I don't believe there is much Sony can do to revitalize the Minis for current console owners, pushing titles like this will certainly help when the PSP2 arrives later this year Sony decides to make another handheld console.

This almost makes me want to write one of those "How to save the PSP/PSP2" articles... almost.

Angry Birds Turns Its Fury On PS3, PSP (Kotaku)

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