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Lame Castle Developer Interview: Free Version, Sequel Talk, and More

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As many know, Sony has taken aim at the iOS in one of its "Marcus" PSP ads. In the ad they use the name Lame Castle to poke fun at the iOS's game market. Well, the indie developer Be-Rad Entertainment turned the joke on them when they released Lame Castle as an iOS and Android game. Jayce Diaz, Glitchy Tasty's Managing Editor recently had an interview with Brad Johnson, creator of Lame Castle and Be-Rad Entertainment to talk about how the game came to be, his take on mobile development and what's next for Lame Castle and B-rad Entertainment. Hint: Lame Castle Free should hit the App Store tomorrow.

Jayce: After seeing the PSP commercial, what made you decide on creating Lame Castle?

Brad: Getting the word out about a mobile game is near impossible these days. The market is so saturated with content that 99.99% of new submissions just get buried along with everything else. I wanted a way to get eyeballs on my first indie game and I thought using the name "Lame Castle" was a good way to do that since people might like a story on how a fake game from a PSP commercial was made into a real game.

Jayce: Would you ever consider porting this as a PSP Mini or even an indie PSN/XBLA title?

Brad: At this point it kind of all depends on whether or not a publisher contacts me, which, to be honest, probably won't happen, hehe. I'm not trying to contact publishers at this point since it's my first indie game. I'm planning to make several games on my own before possibly moving onto larger XBLA/PSN titles. But yeah, if a large publisher contacted me about doing something like that then I'd definitely consider it. I think Sony would win a bunch of gamer cred if they wound up with Lame Castle on one of their platforms.

Jayce: How well has the game been received?

Brad: Lame Castle has been getting some great reviews. Right after the game was launched several friends told me they were addicted to the game, which was cool to hear, but they're also my friends and are probably a little biased. But once some of the people from various gaming forums played the game they started eating it up. Several of those people were tweeting about the game and writing editors of gaming sites asking them to review the game. It's really cool how much people went out of their way to help promote Lame Castle, and I hadn't even met most of them before.

Jayce: What made you go with the art style seen in the game?

Brad: I was looking for a 2d artist who was available to crank out all the art very quickly. My artist buddy Steve was in the process of leaving one job and starting a new one and he wanted something to keep him busy during the downtime. It just turns out he does a lot of 2d work and is blazing fast so we decided to work on the project together. His art style's really cool and is pretty unique so it worked out well.

Jayce: Are there any updates planned for the title?

Brad: Yes, I haven't had a chance to put in any new content yet because I've been busy working on Lame Castle Free for the iOS, but now that it's out the door my main focus will be updating the Android version to have leaderboards + achievements and new content for all platforms. I'll add more levels, possibly a hard mode, some more interactive objects, and a new endless mode which will knock your socks off.

Jayce: The Unreal Development Kit is receiving iOS support. Will Lame Castle 2 take advantage?

Brad: Most likely not. I developed Lame Castle using Unity3d, which is awesome. I'm sure the UDK is great, but since I have everything set up and am familiar with Unity I'll stick with it.

Jayce: What are some of your favorite iOS titles?

Brad: I've been playing the heck out of Undercroft. It's a totally free RPG similar to the old school Might & Magic games. I've also been playing Super Mega Worm and Death Worm, which are very similar but are both fantastic.

Jayce: Let's talk imaginary situations; if you could freely design the next game in any given franchise, what franchise would it be?

Brad: I'd love to get my hands on Borderlands, Diablo, or any form of Might & Magic. That would be rad.

Jayce: You have a past with Crystal Dynamics; how is working on iOS games versus your old job? What do you think about the recently revealed Tomb Raider?

Brad: I enjoyed working at a larger studio, but there were several things that drove me away. One of the major reasons was overtime. So many times they're forcing you to work overtime and weekends, even during pre-production. At one point they wanted us to work straight through 2 weekends in a row with no days off. No thanks! No one should be forced to work overtime during pre-production, it's just silly. Another reason was that most AAA games take so long to make nowadays. I didn't want to spend 2 years of my life working on a single project. Working on mobile games is great because I can scale them to any size I want. Right now a 2-3 month project feels really good since I still have enough time to flesh out the gameplay and put a decent amount of content in the game.

Jayce: What's next for Be-Rad?

Brad: After doing some content updates for Lame Castle I have 3 games I want to work on as well as an entertainment app. One of the games is a prototype for a ninja jumping game that actually turned into Lame Castle. I'm really excited about the possibilities of that game.

The timing of my next few releases will depend on a deal I have in the works but I'm not allowed to talk about it since it's top secret. But either way I should have another game out by March of 2011.

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