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Home News Mobile Video of PSPhone Playing PS1 Emulator Hits The Net, Shameless Journalists Pretend It's Real

Video of PSPhone Playing PS1 Emulator Hits The Net, Shameless Journalists Pretend It's Real

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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Any Android user can tell you that one of the pros (and cons) of their mobile OS of choice is the freedom of what apps are available. From simple gadgets to useless and potentially harmful applications, the Android Marketplace has pretty much seen it all. It's nothing new. Even emulators for older consoles are established items for purchase.

This is probably why I'm so disappointed in the "professional" reaction that this video got.


Check out the video above. It features the immensely prostituted PSPhone playing PlayStation One classics Resident Evil 2 and Rage Racer. The uninformed would be led to believe that the phone features some sort of support for PS1 games, perhaps via the PlayStation Network. Wrong. It's just a well known PS1 emulator and some pirated games. the "Rom Buddy" app listed right before he boots up Resident Evil 2 is a dead giveaway. Via this context, the video might as well show off the phones ability to run NES games.

Some sites are posting the video and treating it as some sort of integrated feature that the PSphone has. Simply put, it isn't. Any Android phone can play PS1 games via apps like PSX4Droid or similar. In fact, the reason you don't HEAR him playing the games despite the video having audio is because these games are emulated poorly. The sound skips and stutters, and is an overall mess.

Long story short, some sites are desperate for attention, despite being established already. Let's hope we don't have to start lying omitting the truth to get hits, too.

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