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GameTrailers Posts Exclusive Video of Back to the Future (Update)

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(Update) GameTrailers has now posted Part Two of the Behind the Scene Series. has an exclusive behind the scenes look at Telltale Games' amazingly awesome looking Back to the Future game. The video devulges some new information on the series. For starters, Christopher Lloyd is back as Doc Brown, which means I'm already sold. I couldn't imaging anyone else being Doc. No word yet it Michel J. Fox will be playing Marty though, keeping my fingers Crossed.

They don't give much detail about the story, except that it takes place six months after the third movie (Six months for Marty McFly, who knows how long for Doc Brown), where Marty has to rescure Doc Brown who is stuck in the past (or future). I'm not going to tell you everything, you are just gonna have to click "read more" to watch part 1 and 2.

 Part 1


Part 2

In the second part of the Behind the scenes they reveal the voice actor for the series. While for obvious reasons they couldn't use Michael J. Fox they did find a great sound-a-like. Watch and be amazed.

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