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Diablo III Coming To A Console Near You?

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When Diablo III comes out, you may have a chance to buy it on your PS3, Xbox 360, or maybe even Wii.

It appears that Blizzard may finally be entering the console world of entertainment. If this turns out to be 100% true, then we might even see other Blizzard titles hit the console world. This is truly exciting, especially if you are a huge Diablo series fan like me. Read on to find out more...

Over at Gamasutra, it was released that Blizzard has posted several new job openings with the titles of “lead designer, console," "lead programmer, console" and "senior producer, console". Gamasutra sent an email to Blizzard asking about these new positions and got a reply simply stating that the ideal candidate should have "prior experience in console game development" and an "extensive knowledge of Diablo." This may not mean that Diablo III will be released on a console, but I personally feel that the chance is somewhere between 99% and 100%.

With that taken to note, does this mean that other titles such as Star Craft 2 or World of Warcraft might even hit the console scene eventually? I sure hope so. The only downside to this is a possible decrease in quality of the console version of Diablo III. I’ve followed the series since 1996 with the original Diablo game, and played it on both the PlayStation and PC. The quality on the PC was far greater and it was a lot easier to play with a mouse and keyboard versus a controller. Regardless though, this may be a great insight on how the company, that is typically a PC game company, is heading in the future.

New Blizzard Ads Seeking Diablo III Console Devs (Gamasutra)

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