Yes shipwrecked sounds almost as good as castaway you'll probably play though this game and get a ending frogtm shamala (how ever the hell you spell his wack ass name) and end up in like Cuba as the real dictator she kills Castro while he is enjoying his cuban samich and a early morning cigar his eyes close to let out one big ass puff and wham here come laura drunk with the rage of not knowing where she is and some left over tap water (she is a light weight you know) then as she drinks the blood draining from his neck boman shoes up and saysi ain't scared of you, you comunist piece of shit and gets beatin to death with the rest of castros samich then she transforms into and angle demon who spits hot fire and that's when the actual opening credits roll and the game turns into a side scrolling plane shooter sony will set this off with custom soundtracks I can't wait for the prequal