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Bulletstorm Multiplayer Modes Announced, Sounds Fun

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Since Bulletstorm's announcement, we've only heard about the single player campaign, leaving the games multiplayer mode in the dark. Well, it looks like that ends today. 

Destructoid has gotten a hands on preview of Bulletstorm's multiplayer. There will be two modes ("Echo" and "Anarchy"), with no deathmatch-type gameplay. Before we start with what the game has, I'm going to take a guess at why the game doesn't have DM. Bulletstorm is all about killing with skill, about taking you time to kill your enemy in the most brutal, creative way you can. this isn't exactly the way people play deathmatch. Not to mention, I imagine their would be a huge balance issue in deathmath thanks to the games' electric whip that throws your enemy into the air in slow motion so you can pick them apart, which isn't entirely fair in a verses match. Anyway. there are a million other FPS out there with deathmatch, so I'm ok with this.

Now that I've gotten the 800LB gorilla out of the room (I whipped it with my electric whip, picked off it's limbs with my assault rifle, then kicked it into an electrical box. oh and PETA, don't worry it was a evil gorilla). What Bulletstorm does have for multiplay sounds awesome. The first mode, "Echo" lets you play through single-player campaign battles (with out the story) with the goal of gaining as many points as possible. Your high score will go onto a leaderboard where your friends can see it and then try to beat it. Once they do, you'll be notified and can try to reclaim your status as number 1. While this doesn't sound like much, these modes tend to get pretty addicting.


The second mode is where the real multiplayer is, called "Anarchy" it's similar to Horde in Gears 2 and Firefight in Halo: Reach, where you and three friends fight wave after wave of baddies. But instead of just killing everything you see to make it to the next level, you instead focus on earning points by killing with skill, and using teamwork. Once you've gained enough points, you progress to the next wave and you get to spend your hard earned points on some insane guns, like a quadriple-barrelled short gun. For me, this is what I want from multiplayer. I want over the top co-operative fun, and it looks like Bulletstorm is ready to deliver.

Bulletstorm is developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games and will ship on February 22nd, 2011. Head over to Destructoid for their full hands-on preview of Bulletstorm's multiplayer mode.

Hands-on: Bulletstorm's horde-like 'Anarchy' mode (Destructoid)

Comments (3)
  • bulletplayer

    hoe can you turn multiplayer off??? i cant play on my own when multiplayer is on... please reply

  • DD  - Dissappointed....

    TDM & FFA are essential to keep the multimillion player pools interested; people want to make a match in a few minutes (not wait around for 15 minutes while the server searches for disparate patches of players). The leash is not the biggest problem; it could easily be modified to support multiplayer. The problem is the slow down of time when the player is setting up for a kill; Not sure how you could employ that when for real people, time does not slow down. This will hurt the game; I predict in 6 months it will be in the $29-39 dollar range and multiplayer will be a desolate desert. Unfortunately, even if they come out with DLC containing additional modes, they've lost the momentum. On the other hand they could have made many more horde type modes, including one that works EXACTLY like GOW2. I can't believe it but GOW2 set the bar and NOBODY has come close to their horde mode. 50 rounds, no BS, you live to make the next round or if your team dies, game over. Simple and addicting. And the points would be a plus.

  • Rankopfpro

    While I see where you are coming from in terms of the lack of deathmatch modes being a turn off for some i just can't see how it would work in Bulletstorm. They would simply have to tear away everything that makes Bulletstorm unique just to balance the game. All the guns are over powered and the leash would just make it unplayable. So they'd have to strip all the features out and you'd get a generic at best deathwatch mode. This would in turn hurt the game becuase it would have just distracted the Dev team from the campaign and anarchy mode, not to mention lead more negative reviews.

    I love anarchy mode, it's an absult blast and I'm glad they went in this direction.

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