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Mass Effect 3 Trailer Shows Earth In Turmoil

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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Bioware was sure having loads of fun teasing everyone with barcodes, binary, and fish when it came to dropping clues on its next game. Unfortunately for them, a Russian PlayStation blog and EA themselves spoiled the surprise with accidental reveals that not only mentioned by name that Mass Effect 3 was said game, but that the story would take players to Earth to help fight off the Reapers.

At the VGAs, The lid was finally pulled and a Mass Effect 3 Trailer was shown. Keep reading to see London in flames.

Mass Effect 3 - Exclusive Debut Trailer | Games & Gadgets |

I can't help but wonder how (if at all) the choices made in ME2 affect ME3. SPOILER ALERT HERE, but there are spots in the last game where certain characters (Including Shepard) can die. My guess is that Bioware will cop out and not have you play as Shepard in this one, regardless of his fate. Only time will tell, as the game is expected to ship Holiday 2011.

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