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Portal For PS3 Will Include PC/Mac Version For Free

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Valve just helped me decide on which system I'm getting Portal 2 for. We've known since E3 that the PS3 version would have steam support, but we've just assumed that it's been buddies and save support. But, today, Valve announced that the PS3 version of Portal 2 will include a Steam code for Portal 2, meaning PC and Mac. Essentially, buying Portal 2 for PS3 means you get three versions for the price of one! That's pretty bonkers.

What's even better is that to get the PC/Mac version, all you need to do is tie the PS3 version to your Steam account, no code or anything.

Sorry Xbox 360, you'll just have to deal with it.

Comments (2)
  • TopBandit

    Glad i have a ps3... someone told me that the ps3 can play with ppl on the that true?

  • Rankopfpro

    Yes, according to Valve part of the Steam support is playing people on PC and Mac. It also supports steam play, meaning your saves will automatically transfer aswell.

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