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Home News Multi Platform Stop the Presses! Duke Nukem Forever Gets Delayed... Again.

Stop the Presses! Duke Nukem Forever Gets Delayed... Again.

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Many were skeptical when they heard that Duke Nukem Forever was coming out May 3rd, 2011, but Gearbox assured us all that it was true. On May 3rd, we could all jump back into the large shoes of Duke Nukem! And they lied to us! It's an outrage I say! I'm so mad, I could write a very angry letter letting them know just how angry I am! Ok, so I'm not that mad, mainly because it's probably the shortest delay in Duke Nukem Forever's long and storied history.

So don't worry, we will still get out chance to Kick ass and chew bubble gum on June 14th in the U.S., and June 10th internationally... Wait, the rest of the world gets it first?! Ok, now I'm pissed. I mean this is America, we invented the Double Down! All the rest of the world has done is give us the Spice Girls! Fine, whatever... I'm done with you, rest of the world, here's your dumb announcement video from Gearbox.

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