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E3 2011: Deus Ex Human Revolution Looks Awesome

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Written by Eric Dionne
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So, I know the Deus Ex series (pronounced day-oos-ex) is not very well known by some, but it's great. I have only played the second one (but changing that by starting the first one tonight) and I must say its a great series. After having seen more videos from E3 about the prequel to the series, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I couldn't be happier. It's an Action RPG with biotech enhancements you can upgrade to. You can choose to run and gun, act stealthily, or simply play adaptatively and do whatever the situation calls for at the time. This is how I play. I start with stealth and only react differently if my cover is blown.

So if you're looking for a near future sci-fi experience that has missions with numerous ways to beat them depending on your play style, then Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the game for you this August! Also, damn you E3 for not showing a Hitman: Absolution trailer like you said you would on your official E3 schedule. That game is the king of adaptation for beating missions.

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