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Weekend Recap: Resident Evil Takes Over

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Yet another week has gone by. While this week was a little slower than most, there were still a few big stories. First of all, Resident Evil turned 15 years old and suddenly wanted some attention. With a remaster of both Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica in the works, plus a brand new co-op team based RE set in Raccoon City, it seems as Capcom is giving it plenty. We also got the disappointing news that Duke Nukem Forever has been delayed again... by a month. Plus, Portal 2 shows off some panels, while Kratos kicks ass in Mortal Kombat with a little help from some quick time events. Not to mention, we are giving away some awesome PAX East swag. Oh and a little thing called the Nintendo 3DS came out today. So check it all out in the links below.


Comments (2)
  • Josh

    RE4 and Code: Veronica remakes? Yes please.

  • Rankopfpro

    Its not a remake like what they did with Resident Evil on the GameCube. It's simply remastering them in HD. Pretty, much what Sony did with the God of War Collection.

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