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DreamWorks Rumored to be Picking Up Halo Movie

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Before I start let me just file this under "Don't get your hopes up". 

Vulture is reporting a rumor that DreamWorks Pictures is looking to pick up the Halo Movie franchise. If you remember, Universal and Fox had tried to create a Halo movie as long ago as 2006. However, budget disputes and revenue sharing issues caused it to die a slow death.

But hey, we got District 9 out of it.

According to the rumors, the movie would be based off the novels instead of the video games to prevent legal issues between DreamWorks and Universal/Fox. Personally, this doesn't bother me because Halo has a very large and expansive Universe, and I wouldn't mind them making Contact Harvest into a movie (minus all the nerding out over AI's). 

Either way, I'm not getting my hopes up because we all know how Hollywood treats video game-related source material. I imagine the conversation at DreamWorks went something like this:

Executive 1: Did you hear how much that Halo: Reach game made?!

Executive 2: I know, and it's totally the reason Devil failed that weekend

Executive 3: Don't remind me.

Executive Koala: We can totally cash in on this, lets make a Halo movie!

Or something like that.

The New Halo Game Is a Hit — So What's the Status of the Halo Movie? (Vulture)

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