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Elder Scrolls V Is A Thing That Is (Probably) Happening

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Written by Jayce Diaz
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In 2006, The RPG world was set ablaze with the release of the highly praised Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. It was a near-perfect blend of action and role-playing, and the world was (and still is) simply beautiful.

Now, it seems that Eurogamer has evidence that Elder Scrolls V is now in production.


In their article, they quote executive producer Todd Howard as saying:

"One thing I can say is that from when you first hear about it to when it's out will be the shortest it's been for us. It's pretty far along. When we show it, we want to show a lot, because there's a lot of game there to play right now."

Now, to be fair, this quote was taken from a coversation at QuakeCon about an unannounced game. However, Eurogamer seemed 100% confident that the title is indeed the next iteration of the 15+ year-old Elder Scrolls Series. As they put it:

"The sequel to Oblivion is coming, we can hereby confirm without hesitation. It's been a while since 2006, hasn't it?"

I am inclined to believe this, as it's been suspected for months and it makes sense time-wise. Plus, I find Fallout boring, I frankly I'm tired of hearing about it.

Rumour: Elder Scrolls 5 In The Works (Eurogamer)

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